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Tim Jarrett documents an undocumented Manila-RPC call.  

David Berry uses Radio to support Front Page.  

I want a way to query DirecTv's listings. Show me all commercial-free movies on channels I subscribe to airing in the next 30 days that were nominated for or won an Academy Award. 

David Reed endorses my theory of DG's vs weblogs. 

When was the last time you visited a weblog where none of the links were visited? 

So we have blog-this and blog-that, basically everything has been blogified except one thing. We don't have an official theme song. How would it go? I have no idea.  

It turns out my evil twin has an opinion about that. "He's just as proud as he can be of his an-at-o-my. He's goin' give us a peek." He he. 

Brent Ashley now has BlogChat working in his Manila site. You have to see it to get it.  

Michael Fraase blogs Joho blogging TED12

MacCentral: Photoshop 7.0 for Mac OS X

Quentin Stafford-Fraser continues integrating Radio w/PHP. 

A picture named googleAnimals.gifFeedback to Google, lose the cute animals. Screen shot. Google made a name for itself for not being commercial, for having integrity. It's a great name, don't tarnish it this way. Once or twice a year for major holidays or big news events like Sept 11, it's OK to deviate from boring normal steady reliable and staid Google. But this is off the wall, not consistent at all with what I think Google stands for.  

Of course I'm getting a lot of pushback on this. I waited a while before commenting. I think it's important, not a small thing. I'm sure there's a lot of discussion about this inside Google, if not, there should be. In any case, it's my opinion, and it's OK to disagree. You may be surprised that I have an opinion about this, and surprise is good, otherwise the world would be flat and hohum.  

Mark Paschal has a suite of tools for Radio 8 called "Kit." 

Julian Bond: "I'm still amazed by the clarity, precision and elegance of the early RFCs. They feel like polished and cut diamonds that have had everything extraneous stripped away. Just enough to get the job done and no more. I think we could do worse than go back and review the RFC process and style and apply it to the current efforts." 

8/22/95: "Once you understand the platform concept, you now have all the concepts you need to understand the Internet. It's just a system for inventing new platforms. You could call the Internet a meta-platform, or a platform machine, because it contains all the collaboration tools a platform proponent needs to define and deploy new platforms. Got an idea that no one has thought of yet? Put out a RFC paper. Boom. It's a platform!" 

This editor's note by the NY Times shows how seriously they take integrity. One of their contributing writers wrote a fictional piece presented as factual, breaking Rule 2, he knowingly said something that was not true. The Times says they did not break rule 2, because they trusted the writer, and fact-checking was difficult given the subject matter. They said something that wasn't true, but they didn't know. But when they found out they fired the author. "The Times's policies prohibit falsifying a news account or using fictional devices in factual material. Mr. Finkel has been under contract to the magazine as a contributing writer, but the editors have informed him that he will not receive further assignments." 

I wonder if the Times' policies are on the Web, and if the policies for the magazine are different from other parts of the publication. 


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