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Weblogs.Com got a software upgrade this evening. It's no longer a one-off, it's running our commercial software, part of Radio Community Server. This is called eating the dogfood. More modules will be switched in the next few days. Yes I know the template is weird. But I have to keep moving. No breakage so far. You know I'm going to say Praise Murphy! 

I started the next switchover. If you're part of the Radio community hosted at UserLand, this is the temporary home for Rankings by Page-Reads. There's been an improvement, we now list weblogs not by the author's name but by the name of the weblog, if we have the data. If you update Radio.root, Radio can take care of that for you. We call this percolation

Meanwhile Jake is bootstrapping RCS into Radio. Next week when you're playing with this expect a mental explosion when you realize that a RCS can upstream to another RCS. It's some kind of weird network. Or it's exactly like something else. Maybe it's UseNet? Or the inverse of UseNet? Hmmm. 

Did you grow up in NY in the 60s and 70s? If so, you probably remember Crazy Eddie's TV ads. He would say things like "My prices are so low people think I'm insane!" When he said the word insane he's make his voice waver so he sounded insane. He'd wiggle his fingers in front of his face as he said it. It had a very memorable effect.  

A picture named streaker.gifI had a phone talk with Paul Boutin today. He told me about the revolutionary side of CB Radio. I didn't know (or forgot) that there was an element of civil disobedience to CB. They had a song. He sang it. Then I sang The Streak for him. Another theme song for blogging. You're probably too young to know about streaking. Believe it or not in the 70s people took off all their clothes and ran around in public. "Look at that look at that," sang Ray Stevens. Well, that's what bloggers do, they show more of themselves than most people would think prudent. Why this story right now? Because I just read what my lovely friend Doc Searls said about me on his interview page for SXSW. What a sweet man. I love you Doc! 

Peter Drayton: "Little known fact: Simon is 100% of the PocketSOAP toolkit development team - how come he's the first one to ship updates with all those other BigCo's and not-so-BigCo's working on the same stuff?!" It's simple. Simon kicks butt! 

An odd note perhaps. We're looking for workgroups to test our upcoming product. Here's the announcement for Frontier users and for Radio users. The new app runs in either UserLand environment, with a few small differences. With your help RCS will be a big success. Here we go! 

David Berry: Working with FrontPage and Radio

gRadio transcribed a MacWorld article on outliners from 1987. He says "I am making this article available as a tribute to the quality that once was common in the media coverage of the computing industry. It is here to remind us of a time when there were more choices in available software, and when the computer industry media often took a more critical POV when doing a comparative review of the software." 

Jenny the librarian: "Don't you feel like Microsoft, the RIAA, the MPAA, and the BigCos all think we're a bunch of idiots that will blindly believe whatever they say?" 

5/13/98: "Do they think we're stupid?" 

How people read on the web. They want to get to the beef asap. Most people will only skim, and record the fact that the article is there, and then use Google to find it when and if they need it. So the most important thing is to quickly say what you're going to do in the piece and who should care. Quickness is a very important thing. Most people just dash in and out. At least this is my assumption. That's one of the reasons I give quick soundbites, and the sources.  

Paul Boutin: Waiting for Wi-Fi. "You won't be blogging from your phone anytime soon." 

Sean Gallagher: "I am blogging from my WAP phone now - by email." 

Brent Simmons: "DSFinder—short for DocServer Finder—is a small, free utility for Frontier and Radio UserLand scripters." Mac OS X. 

Sam Ruby wrote a tutorial explaining how to do a WSDL for Weblogs.Com's ping SOAP handler

3/5/98: "XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It's a rigorization of HTML, which is a very loose language that a lot of people understand. XML is beautiful, but it's getting really complex, which is a turnoff for the kind of people who were attracted to HTML." 

YahooGroups has been down for most of the last 24 hours, bringing much of our work to a halt, of course, at the worst possible time. News.Com ran an article, but it doesn't offer much detail on the source of the outage or an ETA. They're merging YahooGroups with their chat communities.  

Seth Dillingham: "Shortly after you posted the blurb about Yahoo Groups, they brought it back online." OK, next time I won't wait so long.  

Paul Fletcher: "FYI, the Yahoo Groups outage was caused by the RAID on the main Oracle database blowing up. The hot standby has been offline because of a bad CPU, so the database had to be rebuilt. Which takes time with 40+ million users." 


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