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I just tripped across Scott Andrew's XML-RPC client for JavaScript. This could come in handy.  

John Van Dyk: "I have licensed a soon-to-be-announced piece of technology from a well-known Frontier development powerhouse for inclusion in the next generation of the Metadata Plugin. Details will be available soon." 

After three weeks of corner-turning and mission-critical work with lots of breakage potential, I just did a little programming that absolutely no one is depending on or waiting for. There's a little story first. A long time ago when was starting, we had a little thing where people could choose their own Zeldman icons and when they updated the icon would appear on Scripting News (with a link of course). When we did the big corner-turn last fall, the icons came back (on the home page), but only some of the weblogs-with-icons made the transition. I've been tracking updates of the Zeldman-iconified weblogs since the corner-turn, and today I finally was in the right place in the right mood to write out an XML feed (every fifteen minutes) with the in-use icons. For each icon it says when the weblog last updated (in GMT), how many times it has updated since we started tracking, and links to the website. Maybe there's some interesting data to track here? I don't know. You tell me.  

Now for something serious and important. Sjoerd Visscher is tuning into the work that Jeremy Bowers is doing to get Jabber running in Radio and Frontier. We'll intersect with this, Murphy-willing a couple of weeks after we ship Radio Community Server (still on for Monday). Here's where it gets really interesting. The Jabber guys like Radio. Heh. So as a community I feel it's our job to make their protocol work in the environment and then say Let's Go with gusto. Inch by inch. 

Pricing. Radio Community Server will be under $1000 per server per year. Licensed in the standard UserLand way. $XXX gets you the software, plus one year of updates. If after a year you choose not to renew the subscription, you may continue to use the software but will not receive udates. At any time you can choose to renew, and get caught up with the latest features and fixes. It will run in either Radio 8 ($39.95) or Frontier/Manila 8 ($899). 

Wes on REST: "I think this is a case of touting a hypothetical benefit instead of an actual benefit." 

NY Times review of post-Napster for-pay music systems. 

A picture named referersarecool.gifImportant fix for Radio 8 users. After yesterday's corner-turn, the link from the Cloud Links section of the desktop website home page no longer points to your referers page. Although a page would render, it would not contain any referers. Thanks to Greg Hanek for the very clear report. I had seen mention of this on other blogs, so it was pretty clear there was a problem, but Greg pointed me right to it, and I was able to fix it quickly. To get back in the referer loop, please Update Radio.root, and then refresh your desktop website home page. The Referers link should take you to the correct place, as shown in this screen shot

Postscript: This didn't fix people who are upstreaming via FTP. Thanks to Simon Fell for helping us get to the bottom of this. The update is released. 11:35AM. 

NY Times: "Today, Microsoft and the Justice Department, which had been fierce courtroom adversaries for years during the Clinton administration, spoke with virtually one voice on most issues." 

A picture named heh.gifTwo years ago today: "I just realized something about Microsoft. To most people, including people at Microsoft, you're either anti-Microsoft or pro-Microsoft. Then thinking about it some more, this isn't just true of Microsoft. It's also true of Apple. And it's also true of Linux. And Open Source. And it's not just about computers either. It's pretty much everywhere. And it's total bullshit." 

Steve Zellers: "I'm in an exciting meeting with my peers!" 

I had no coffee when I wrote this 

A picture Adam CurryI just read on Adam Curry's weblog that his radio show called Blog News Network, starts tomorrow, March 8. It's a real radio show, not one of those Internet things. Of course Adam is integrating the Web into the show. The Dutch will probably not even notice the word Blog, because it sounds like a Dutch word. BTW, March 8 is the xxxth anniversary of the Thrilla in Manila, the big fight betw Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali. How do I know? I remember a commercial. It went like this. "Joe Frazier you gonna be so messed up on March the Eighth, even Vitalis won't hep," said the heavyweight champ. Vitalis was a hair dressing for white men that was on its way out. Frazier and Ali were both black. That's way it goes.

OK, so how many mistakes can we find in that paragraph. First the note wasn't on Adam's blog, it was in an enclosure he attached to his RSS channel. I got the info from him, but it didn't come from his blog. OK, mistake number two, the Thrilla in Manila was on 10/1/75. So it must have been some other fight. Back in a minute with more mistakes. I didn't imagine Vitalis (what a name) it was horrible stuff. My mother made me use it when I was in 1st grade, but I went natural soon after. It's still around, apparently, so I guess that's mistake #3. How many more can you find?

Rob Heiser: "The fight was Ali vs Frazier (I), the first title fight between the two in Madison Square Garden on 3/8/71. Frazier won." So much for Vitalis not helping.

While we're talking about mistakes 

Yesterday we did a big overhaul on the community server for Radio 8 users. It's for a good cause, now we'll be able to start lots of Radio 8 communities, even private ones, behind firewalls, for workgroups. And any improvements we make to the commercial server product will flow back into the Radio community that uses our community server.

But there are bound to be glitches. If you see anything that's wrong, like empty referer lists, or links that don't work, please send me an email, with the url of the page that isn't working correctly. We want to get the problems swept up today, where they exist. Whenever you do a big job like the one we did yesterday there are bound to be problems.


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