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John Rhodes: "While I am waiting, I promise not to change the URL of this page." 

Steven Garrity makes a good point. With XML, search engines could glean better information from individual weblog posts. He proposes a new XML format just for weblogs.  

Robb Beal: "I read old DaveNets!" Cooooooool. 

How can you tell if you're using a Desktop Website? If the URL begins with or localhost. It took me a while to figure out why people say they don't work well on laptops. They're missing a key piece of data. We use Desktop Websites to put a friendly weblike face on apps that run on your desktop. Disconnect from the Internet if you want, the desktop app still works. I think what they're saying is they don't want to run a public web server on their desktop. I get it and agree. I don't either.  

Yes. DizzyD has hooked up with Jeremy Bowers who's working on Jabber.root for Radio. Dizzy is one of the lead developers of Jabber, and a Radio user. Jeremy is a Radio developer who's made it his mission to get Jabber working in our environment. Please sprinkle magic pixie dust on this connection. 

Mark Woods: A Busy Writer's Guide to Radio Renderers

Dori: "Hey everyone--there's wireless bandwidth at the SXSW trade show food court. C'mon down!" 

Wes: "The sessions are boring, so Cam and Dori and I are blogging from the trade show floor." 

Doc: "Hey, Wes is blogging, two seats away." 

Cam: "Doc, Wes, Dori and lots of other webloggers are posting from the show." 

A picture named mrnatural.gifIf given a lot of thought to Michael Fraase's discussion of RCS. He's a customer and a user of our software. He likes Manila. How can I argue with that? Manila is cool because you can plop it on a LAN behind your firewall and give everyone their own site. If they can access the LAN from their laptop when they're offsite, they can update their workgroup notepad very easily. With modern hardware a single $2K machine with $899 of software can easily support a few thousand writers. It's a bargain, just a little investment and boom you've got a great Intranet.  

Now, that said -- Radio is cool too. It pushes more of the work to the edges. We can build more powerful apps there. Look at how excited people are about that. The Frontier community is in revival mode. There's a good reason for that. Radio. 

Another trip, along the lines of Mr Natural (who Michael correctly identifies as one of my heroes). I don't just talk as a CEO or a marketing hack here on Scripting News, I also talk with other developers. When I tell them about desktop websites, and what a cool architecture it is, it may not be a prudent thing for the CEO of a commercial software company to do. Hey I'm inviting competition. But I think the idea is so juicy that I want other geekish people to know. That's why I like writing software, because if you trawl around enough there's an interesting idea just around the corner.  

A picture named qube.gifOf course I'm not finished. Radio and Manila don't do the same things. Radio is more of a platform than Manila. Some people (myself included) think that Radio is just the thing for (here's a surprise) instant communication in workgroups, beyond weblogs. Manila, ensconced in its glass palace, doing its job so well, can't be a conduit for that kind of communication. I have an idea that takes instant messaging and makes it very powerful, in the same way the spreadsheet took the idea of a calculator and gave it dimension. For that I must have a platform to target that runs on the user's desktop. Must have. 

So RCS is a step on a journey that I hope to be able to see through to completion. In a sense I'm asking you guys to go along with me on a trip. It's totally not uncommon for people who love step N, to be puzzled and even to reject step N plus one. This is the story of my life. But my track record is not that bad. Yes, I've left some dead-ends on the trail behind, but I strongly believe RCS is not one of them. (BTW, the price is higher than $50.) 

Jim Roepcke explains desktop websites.  

Dizzy: "Cool. It would appear that referer stats and rankings are all working now." 

Patrick Logan: "What's happened with DotNet is a real disservice to developers everywhere, no matter what the motivation or best intentions of the organization behind the effort." 

One year ago on this day: "The hype has said, unchallenged so far, that the open source community created the Internet. It's not the whole story. Commercial developers created the Internet too." 

Ben Combee sends an email from SXSW. He did the Palm scheduling app for the show. Ben says if you try it out you might feel like you're there. I haven't got a Palm, if you do let me know if it works.  


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