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New Feature: Titles and Links in Radio-generated RSS

Bing! is the word of the day as word of Radio Community Server spreads through Corporate America and academia.  

A picture named fullcup.gifNext little bomblet. OPML coffee mugs. It gets worse. Bryan Bell who does our graphics is in Europe, so if there are any good Photoshop hackers out there who can do better, please do. It's going to be an interesting bootstrap. The first feature in a long time that depends on Radio's built-in outliner. 

Joe Jennet did a very nice OPML coffee mug. But I'd like to use the exact image of the OPML logo. It's a brand and a trademark. Done. But wait, there's more. Gary Secondino did a steely one, with coffee in it. Yeah, that's the idea. 

John Robb says of the unreleased software behind the OPML coffee mug. "This is the first product I have ever used that decreased the flow to my e-mail inbox by over 100 items a day." We've been eating this dogfood at UserLand since November, and it totally revolutionized the company. We couldn't have shipped Radio 8 without it. 

A picture named bof.gifDan Cochran is an old friend from Apple in the good old days, in 1984 and the years after when the Mac community was small and everyone knew everyone. Dan has been working for Woz doing educational projects. He wrote me a few days ago, having discovered Radio, and said he was really excited about its possibilities in education. I told him there were a lot of people around here saying the same thing. Well, I insisted that he start his own weblog so he could experience the community from the inside before we start meeting with other old friends who are now venture capitalists, and Dan did the deed, for which I am very grateful. 

Simon St Laurent cuts Macromedia a new anal orifice over Flash MX. Hey Simon, why not have multiple Webs? The one that the W3C is leading that's owned by Microsoft isn't doing very much new for us. Why not have some excitement outside the confines of the cartel? 

Globe and Mail: "The site is one long broadsheet of single-paragraph teasers, each with a link to some off-site article." 

Russ Lipton explains why eyes glaze at the distinction between websites and desktop websites. 

Terrarium is a "game for software developers that provides a great introduction to software development on the .NET Framework." 

Amy Wohl on quote mills: "We love to talk to reporters on subjects in which we have expertise. We hope that they're going to quote as accurately and make us look intelligent. But we know we're playing the odds and all we can hope for is to win more times than we lose."  

BoingBoing: Asimov died of AIDS. From a blood transfusion. 

NewsForge: "The Gecko rendering engine at the heart of the Mozilla Web browser is scheduled to replace Microsoft's Internet Explorer as AOL's default browser -- the one in the millions of free AOL CDs distributed every year -- in the 8.0 version of AOL's client software." 

After spending much of yesterday thinking, not coding, we're going to push back the release of Radio Community Server by one week, to next Monday, March 18. The software is ready at one level, it can be installed and it will yield a community server, but one week will not make that much difference in the life of the product, but the extra knowledge we'll gain in that week from testers will make a big difference.  

Jonathon Miller: "Carpe diem and fuck you." 

Kenzoid: "Dave does a lot of the grunt work in this space." 


Definition: Navel-gazing of weblogs by weblogs.

Observation: Weblogs are different things to different people.

Experience has shown: If you take the low road, over time, all you attract are other low-roaders.

Aggregation: Is goodness. Think of it as a way of upping the bandwidth of people whose minds are sponges and want to learn as much as possible. In time of crisis think of it as the Web's Emergency Broadcast System.


A picture of the World Trade Center, in its last minutes.

Today is the six month anniversary of 9-11.


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