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Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, March 12, 2002. Tuesday, March 12, 2002

New feature: Automatically Generated Links. This is the feature Julian Bond has been patiently waiting for. 

New feature: Google-It! Macro for Item Templates. Something fun for people who use your weblog. 

Demo of the new features on my Handsome Radio Blog. 

THINK!There's a bug in the idea that the govt could require the computer hacks that the entertainment industry wants. At some point the govt will realize that it would render its own computers unusable. Of course they could put exemptions on their computers. Then we could all get government jobs. We'll need them, because there won't be any computer industry jobs except to make computers for the government.  

Listening to Julie Andrews sing My Favorite Things. A lyric reminds me of Andre Radke. It just snuck up on me. "Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles!" 

Craig Burton: "Preparing for some Radio Tutorials. Mine are the best." 

A picture named sheep.gifGary Secondino takes me up on the OPML Coffee Mug puzzle. Pretty close, except it's simpler, but it can do all the things you say, and more.  

Captain Blowtorch: "The Committee for the Defense of The Fatherland has (though we cannot divulge our sources) reason to believe that the whole Radio 8 conspiracy is a thinly veiled attempt to undermine the Free Market System." 

Sun: "Four Times the Hyperbole, Half the Facts." 

Sean Gallagher on quote mills. "There are some analysts I will never quote, and some I will quote only with other sources for compare/contrast. These are the kinds of people who would still have a 'buy' rating on Enron if it were possible." 

Ray Whitmer: SOAP Scripts in Mozilla

Kevin Altis: "The latest release of PythonCard contains XML-RPC and SOAP samples and the radioclient sample app for Radio Userland 8 and other Blogger API services." 

I wonder when Dan Gillmor is going to turn his jets on his employers. Every time I read a blistering condemnation by Dan of a technology vendor, I wonder how he can ignore the utter failure of his own technology. Who can't Dan go after? Why is Connectix safe for Dan to trash? 

Jon Hiler: "If the link to my article was the virus, then the method of transmission was the humble weblog." Jon is discovering something we've known for a long time. There's a hierarchy of buzz in the weblog world. The business people and press who ignore this miss the opportunity and the story. Whole industries are built on buzz

Jon Udell: Oar Pullers and Sail Inventors. "What if one of those guys pulling on the oars figures out how to make a sail?" 

Raja: "Yeah, so Nautilus really sucks." 

Remind me: What is a Web Application? 

Wooohooo. Yesterday's new Radio feature is #5 and rising on Daypop! That's so cool. Gotta look for some more features like that one.  

Julian Bond: "It would be even better to see Radio provide an optional setting to auto-fill the Link tag with the Permalink of the item." Julian, thanks for being so patient. We will do this. I would have done it myself yesterday but I hit a snag.  

Pushback about aggregation being an Emergency Broadcast System. Burning Bird says she'll turn to Scripting News because I get so many great links. Thanks for the confidence, but that's a centralized strategy. If this node had been in NYC on Sept 11, you would not have gotten any info. Maybe the next terrorism attack will come in Silicon Valley. Could happen. Better to distribute the flow.  

Amy Wohl is one of the few people who can get away with calling me David.  

William Shatner: "I have to ad lib a lot in my life." Hmmm. 

Grateful Dead: "Let us put men and women together, see which one is smarter. Some say men, but I say no, women got the men like a puppet show." 

I asked my friend David Jacobs who wrote that song. "It wasn't Barlow," he said. "I remember seeing it sung on the Lucy show by Ricky Ricardo. I think it is called Man Smart, Women Smarter by Norman Span." 

I woke up early today, about 4AM, made some coffee went into the office checked the mail and the Web, didn't like what I saw and went back to bed. I guess I had my personal Groundhog Day. Feeling better now.  


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