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The new architecture for the XML aggregator. "Now that light is shining in this space, the art of aggregation, while it may only appeal to a few gutsy developers, can develop in new ways." 

What does this mean for users? If it goes as we hope, new worlds of content flowing through the News Aggregator page in Radio. It's a geeky developer feature that can open new sources for news junkies, fact-gatherers, organizers, scholars; the curious. And a repeating theme. Developers working with thinkers. That's what makes our world go round.  

Business Week, of all places, has a clear-headed analysis of the dead-end that the music industry has driven itself into.  

But, David Golding writes, "CD sales are *not* plummeting, and movie box-office takes are *not* stagnant."Ooops. 

It would be cool if they got a like-minded reporter to look into the Microsoft-IBM-Sun cartel. They'd see these guys are spinning their wheels, while the next layer of the Internet is springing to life. It's about sharing ideas, it's two-way, and people-driven. The CIOs they sell to don't get it either. Meanwhile they're rearchitecting existing products, as if anyone cared, or planning more meaningless infrastructure, or lost in space

Reading Burning Bird's surprisingly mild denunciation of Jonathon Delacour, in defense of the concept of the BlogSisters (which Delacour apparently called "breathtaking hypocrisy" (sidenote: when I first read it I thought he was talking about me)), I thought I could resolve the matter -- but it's so dangerous to come between a woman lecturing a man on How It Is, but what the heck here goes. Women think men are just like them, but in power, which can be forgiven because no one gets that people who are different from them are really fundamentally different, as different as men and women are. Women are organizers. Everywhere you go there are organizations of women doing things, planning stuff, making the world work. Men aren't like that. There isn't a "Boy's Club" where we get together to plot our world domination. But women always talk about the Boy's Club as if it existed. Heh. (Of course if women owned the world (instead of just running it) there would be a club and they would really meet. What would they do or say? I have no idea.) Men just won't work with others, men or women. We're solitary beings. Yeah we like to get laid (or mothered), that's why we have anything at all to do with women, in our natural unevolved state (evolved men, like women see the value in all points of view). Now women, while they organize, are not win-win beasts, they compete with each other viciously. I didn't tune into this until I was in my thirties. Until then I thought women were strictly superior to men. Much to my surprise they are not. But they are different. End of rant. Boy will I get flamed for this. Coool. 

BTW, while I might wish for a BlogBrothers, it will never happen. And how can I object to BlogSisters? It's a perfect demo of women doing what they do so well. Life is good. The universe is as it should be. Murphy smiles. 

1/24/00: "Listen listen listen. That's what love is all about." 

JY Stervinou has a Bull Mancuso-siting to report.  

BTW, Bull is not unlike the Serbian despot seeking revenge on the Fox TV hit 24

JY also tunes into a new buzzword you're going to be hearing a lot about on Scripting News in the coming weeks. 

Ernie: Blogging towards Knowledge Management

Russ Lipton: How to Enter Text into your Weblog

Sam Ruby: A Gentle Introduction to SOAP

There's a Cleveland Indians weblog. What's the point? 

Shane McChesney offers a third installment of Why Write a Weblog? 

Kevin Kelly writes about the future of music in the NY Times Magazine. 

Wired's Leander Kahney posits that the Mac was made from marijuana. "Maybe that's why Macs have been slower all these years," said David Bunnell, the founding editor of MacWorld Magazine. 

Yahoo mail lists down 

Apparently YahooGroups is down all weekend. Dann Sheridan visited their site around 9PM Pacific last night and saw this:

Dear Yahoo! Groups Members,

As noted on our web site earlier this week, the Yahoo! Groups service will be down for scheduled maintenance Friday March 15 9:00 PM PST (GMT-8) as we move our servers to a new facility. We expect the service to be restored the morning of Sunday March 17.

During this time the web site will be unavailable and email will not be delivered. (Some users may experience email non-delivery notices, but all email should be delivered once service has resumed.) Please note: Once the service is back up, there will be email delays due to backlog. We expect these delays to last no longer than 1 day. Please do not to re-send email to your group as it will only add to delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Yahoo! Groups Team

The story of RSS 

There's been a lot of revisionist history-writing in the world of RSS, but the archive of Scripting News shows what really happened.

The first controversy wasn't over the XML format, it was over Netscape's content provider agreement, very much not in the spirit of Netscape or the Web.

On this day in 1999, I noted a phone talk with Ekhart Walter at Netscape, and pointed to an essay I had written on the UserLand DG, explaining my position on the agreement.

Today thousands of people are running UserLand's desktop aggregator, and today we will release an open architecture for the aggregator allowing drivers to plug in support for new formats.

Netscape's aggregator is no longer in service. Our commitment to open syndication via XML has expanded over the years.


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