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It is my honor to present: Radio Community Server 1.0

Important pages: Pricing, FAQ, Download

A newly minted community server.  

Tim Jarrett: "Free? I wasn't expecting this business move, Dave, but it's smart." 

Seth Dillingham is working on a search engine that plugs into the CS. This is a key feature for private workgroups whose weblogs can't be indexed by Google. 

Adam: "I'm rebooting my brain tonite." His Blog News Network is a Radio Community Server. 

Moazam Raja: "Dave is a crack dealer!" Heh. 

JY Stervinou translated the Radio Community Server home page to French. Merci! 

The rest of today's news 

XML-RPC: How to test with the MetaWeblog API.

Adrian Roselli: The Wrong Way to Use CSS in Page Layouts.

El Norte: "Los 'web logs' que circulan por la Red son una alternativa de páginas personales y pueden ser desarrollados por cualquier usuario."

Reminder: "On Wednesday, a new partnership, with the blessing of Murphy (and lawyers)."

Russ Lipton: Bootstrapping or Beta?

Reuters: "Nearly half a billion people around the world had access to the Internet from their homes by the end of last year, Nielsen/NetRatings said Thursday."

Susan Kitchens: "All those ol' studies on coping with stress that emphasized the human tendency toward fight-or-flight were done on males."

Mike Krus wrote a format driver for FARK's XML feed.

Most of Brent's readers are Radio. Interesting.

David Burrows: "Next steps - get Radio to render pages out in a nice Flash friendly format and start integrating some of the other elements of the Radio look. There's a nice MX calendar component that should could come in handy."

A picture named gordonEubanks.gifIt's so funny I had a dream last night about advertising and Flash. I was at Symantec, urging my boss, Gordon Eubanks, to let me use the $300K we had budgeted for advertising. I wanted to do some big Flash ads for Radio. A simple message. Software for people with minds. $39.95. Click here.

Radio seems to attract developers. I'm quite happy about that. A few weeks ago some Cocoon guys were talking about crushing UserLand. Now there's a Cocoon weblog that uses Radio. 10/24/96: "How much happier we would be if instead of crippling each other with fear, we competed to empower each others' creativity." It's still the right way to go.

Radio Community Server Day 

It looks like we will ship Radio Community Server later today, as promised last Monday. Over the weekend I announced the pricing, privately, to our testers. I think they were pleased. Later today I'll say publicly what it will cost to set up a community server so Radio and its weblog software and news aggregator can support private communication within workgroups. I don't think Microsoft or Groove will be able to match it. We're going to be very aggressive. We want to build a decentralized network of thinkers, fact-gatherers, knowledge workers. Please check back later for more.

Outlining on the Internet 

At first outlining may not seem related to the Internet, but if you look again, you'll see lots of possibilities.

First and foremost, the Internet is a communication enviornment. Email, instant messaging, the Web, each offer a different form of communication, allowing one person to speak to many people, publicly or in private; or allowing just two people to communicate, and most points inbetween.

A picture named justin.gifBut outlining is also about communication. Used by engineers, managers, marketers, teachers, students, librarians, consultants, accountants, speech writers, scholars; people who think for a living use outliners not only to communicate with others, they use outliners to process ideas, to sort out complex problems and find the hidden simplicity. For computer-based brainstorming, organizing and presenting, no tool can beat an outliner.

Now imagine an outliner that works on the Internet. In your bibliography, you cite a source. Link to it. When a reader double-clicks on the headline, the document expands, in place. Copy the citation into another outline, and you've got another link. Linking and outlining over the Internet. This is the start of something big.


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