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Radio UserLand: Text-editing cheat sheet

David Weinberger: What the Web is For. "Small Pieces Loosely Joined tries to explain what I think is truly important about the Web. I wrote the book for grownups, but I think what it says is as true for kids as for their parents." 

A picture named pleasurebutton.gifIf I worked at a BigCo they'd never let me show you this screen shot. It's a snapshot in the development process of my new Instant Outliner. I just got something working and wanted to mark the moment. If you study the screen shot carefully you'll figure out what I got working. I know I really have to stop teasing and just ship it already, right?  

Dori Smith is blogging the Oscars.  

A picture named juniors.gifHey check this out. The mind bombs are spreading. DJ Adams figured out that our XML coffee mug could map onto any HTTP server running on, port 5335. He wired it up to Peerkat, and it worked. This is what bonds us, not whether or not we give our code away in a way that pleases Richard Stallman or Jeff Bezos (to pick two extremes) -- it's whether one can pick up on an eye-twinkle, and let your soul get excited by the possibilities. I love playing tennis with people who hit the ball back. There are so many sad sacks floating around, what a thrill to find someone whose mind is alive. 

East Broadway Ron keeps taking us to places that I worship. Today he stops at Junior's on East Flatbush in Brooklyn, who his friend from France fell in love with. It's one of the stops on the official Gustatory Tour of NY. The most heavenly cheesecake in the world. And they ship. Sending a Junior's cheescake is better than flowers. And don't fall for the different flavors, that's for the goyishas. Just ask for a slice of the plain cheesecake, a cup of coffee and take a deep breath and prepare for a trip to heaven on earth. 

Doc just demo'd Radio's outliner to Cory Doctorow, and Cory asks if he can use the outliner to post to Blogger, and of course the answer is yes. Screen shot. Seems like last year's mind bombs still have some life in them. Happy.  

Ingo Rammer: Using American dates with Radio on localized Windows

Karl Martino: "Bells and whistles are great - a UI that looks beautiful is great - but I like a system that moves as fast as I do." Moral of the story -- it doesn't matter how fast the software is, what matters is how fast it responds. We tweaked the performance of Radio so that it comes back right away after you post. It may take a few seconds for it to get onto the public server, but you're back to work in an instant.  

A picture named morris.gifFraase's Elephant Dance essay linked to yesterday is getting a lot of interesting comment. It's cool that Michael is collating the discussion. To Glenn, who liked my story about talent and Dan Gillmor, I've seen countless companies win or lose on the quality and commitment of the talent. Too many times the suits swoop in, resentful of the role talent plays, and screw the whole thing up. I was part of one of those disasters, Visicorp, as was Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston and Mitch Kapor. Mitch had a great story to go with the mess. He said the corporate types treated the talent with as much respect as Nine-Lives treated Morris The Cat. Bring the pussy cat in to the meeting. Meow. Nice kitty. Now shut up. 

A picture named mitch84.gifI went looking for a picture of Mitch Kapor and dug up this famous portrait of Bill Gates, Mitch and Fred Gibbons taken for the 1984 rollout of Apple's Macintosh. This poster was distributed to every developer, our names were on the poster too, so that guaranteed that we'd put it up in our front office. We were proud to be Mac developers. In those days Bill was talent. Fred was a total suit, but an imaginative one who understood users. Mitch was the perfect eclectic and brilliant software designer.  

Phillip Pearson is cloning Radio Community Server in Python. Heh. It's fun to watch. He just got comments working.  

Doc Searls will be our eyes and ears at Esther's this year. 

NY Times: "Over the last few years, Internet job sites, especially Monster, have eaten away at newspapers' help-wanted ads, which inch for inch have been their single most profitable product." 

Steve Zellers: "The big loser in Mac OS X is the file system fragility problem." 

Steve also asks where Bull Mancuso came from. Yeah. Good question, except Bull doesn't like intellectuals and would never use a word like etymology. He's from Elizabeth, NJ and drives a Cadillac SUV. He has a license for the gun he carries. He goes to board meetings and baseball games and has a house in Reno, and spends a lot of time flying betw the coasts. He uses a Sony Vaio with 802.11b and Radio 8. 


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