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DaveNet: My Long Bet with the NY Times. "My bet with Martin Nisenholtz at the Times says that the tide has turned, and in five years, the publishing world will have changed so thoroughly that informed people will look to amateurs they trust for the information they want." 

AP: "A federal appeals court said Monday that Napster Inc. may not resume its free online file-swapping service." 

Today's mail page has a quote from Rob Enderle. I guess I'm becoming a BigPub?  

Pioneer Press reviews Radio. "When you give the masses a publishing tool this powerful, I don't think you can pretend to know what will happen." Coool! 

Tony Collen links to two more Pioneer Press articles about blogging. I just got an email from Julio Ojeda-Zapata, consumer-technology editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, with a pointer to their Radio weblog, which contains the full text of today's stories. It's much easier to read. The links are hot. And there are no ads. Very nice. 

Brent Simmons explains MySQL in terms that make sense to Frontier users. Mark Paschal adds: "In doing so, he also explains Frontier (as a database environment) to MySQL users." 

This Radio site is noteworthy because it's the first to flow through Phillip Pearson's Python clone of Radio Community Server

Best wishes to Josh Lucas on his last day in his 20s.  

Steve Zellers: "You can't have bugs in code that isn't there!" 

Daniel Berlinger: "If you can offer sacrifices to Murphy on my behalf, it would be much appreciated." Done. 

Russ Lipton: Speak In Your Own Voice. Exactly right. The weblogs that are most interesting are the ones that have something to say about the writer. Teach us what you know. Bring new people into blogging. Be viral. 

The Redwood City Public Library has a weblog

BBC: "Financier George Soros announced in February that he was giving a $3m grant to the Budapest Open Access Initiative to set up open-archiving systems." 

Since Scripting News is already so full today, I wrote a bit about Movable Type and Radio over on my Radio weblog. 

Bill Bumgarner: "Apple's policy is a reflection of the legal status of minors within the US." 

It took a minute for me to realize that this is a joke.  

A picture named evilbertaward.gifNY Times: "Sun will roll out a new set of Web services standards intended as an alternative to Microsoft's .Net." 

News.Com: "Sun Microsystems, Oracle, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard are expected to announce new software or tools to improve or fill holes in their product family, and battle the perception that Microsoft is leading the way in Web services." 

Craig Burton: "The lack of clarity from both vendors makes it very difficult to understand what is happening."  

Screen shot of News.Com article about IBM with an IBM ad. The poetic explanation of "web services." Never mind that it's impossible for the BigCo's to actually do what was promised by web services, since the core idea is to turn the Internet into a scripting environment where no one knows what tools you use (and you can switch at will). The Bigs roll out their own standards to battle the perception that the other guy is leading. None of them are leading. If you read the stories with that in mind, you'll find the truth. It's all lies. 

Saturday: "There isn't really much fun in web services unless you're a programmer who likes to play in different environments, or likes to work with other programmers who work in different environments, or thinks the Internet is cool, even if he or she can't totally explain why. Web services are plumbing, and therefore to most non-programmers, off-topic." 

Am I the only one who thinks its weird that a search for Scientology on Monday yields roughly the same results as a search done last week? What about all the news stories and essays about Scientology that appeared since the issue was exposed? 

Another funny Google thing. Somehow something about Flash MX "crack" ended up in my referer log. Google indexed the log. Now when people search for Flash MX Crack, they get taken to my log. (It's the second hit.) Thereby perpetuating my log's authority on this subject. 

One for the girls, thanks to Masukomi. 

Bull Mancuso: "My favorite TV show is The Sopranos." 

Coming soon. Watch for an appearance of Lawyer Boyer. She's not actually a lawyer. That's her real name.  

Ernie the Attorney: "I remember being shocked when I left law school to go clerk for a federal trial judge here in New Orleans." 

The Death Clock says I'm due on Sunday, Feb 11, 2029.  

On this day in Y2K: ManilaPalooza! Remembered well in 2001. On this day in 1999, Salon wrote about the Dancing Hamsters. 


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