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Backend: Publish-subscribe walkthrough

DJ Adams responds to my walkthrough viewed from Jabber. 

New search engine to play with, Teoma. Looks pretty good! 

Jon Udell: Java, XML and Web services

Raph Levien is doing his PhD research on why I'm on crack. Apparently this is not an April Fools joke. 

I'm not sure what the Adminimizer app is but if you blog in MSIE check it out and tell me if you like it. 

A picture named lynch.gifInteresting piece on News.Com about Flash MX, quoting Bruce Perens and Dale Dougherty, but no Flash developers or users. Macromedia's direction is interesting because there are creative people at work filling in the blanks and trying out new ideas. The Web that Dougherty is watching out for is frozen, it's fine, Flash is no threat to it. Google can write a driver that indexes Flash content, and Macromedia can define a URL structure for content inside a Flash document. News.Com only presents the case against Flash MX, where's the other side, how about interviewing people who are dreaming of new things you can do with it? I don't mind reading the naysayers, but I also want inspiration.  

BTW, I felt this was a good idea even when the Web was in flux. I met with Macromedia people shortly after they acquired Flash from Charlie Jackson's company, and encouraged them to, in addition to being a browser plug-in, to also be a browser. Yes, I love the Web, and think that HTML browsers are great, but we have to try multiple paths out, or else we stop learning, and even worse, we drive into cul de sacs where the only way out is through Microsoft. Well, we're there now, fully, so let's try out lots of new ideas, let's see if there are some new tricks we can teach the Internet.  

News.Com: "A Web site sponsored by Microsoft and Unisys as a way to steer big companies away from the Unix operating system is itself powered by Unix software." Ooops. 

Daniel Berlinger: "Frontier's birthday is in some sense my programming birthday." 

Jon Udell: "The future of literate storytelling has never looked brighter to me. I can't say the same for the future of the glossy publishing industry, though." 

Steve Zellers has an eloquent solution to the MP3 dilemma. After all the lawsuits and power grabs are over I'm sure this is the system we will use. 

Scott Rosenberg: "Somehow, Times writer Lisa Guernsey equates some slowing of the Web's ability to mint instant pop-culture memes with a 'lack of compelling content' -- as though the presence on the Web of every major newspaper, magazine, radio and TV show; every major government agency, most legislative bodies and court systems; nearly every significant retailer and manufacturer; and every think tank, research center and institution of higher learning were insufficiently 'compelling content' compared to the supposed dearth of inane diversions crippling the Web today." All software developers too. 

Andre Durand writes an excellent article about the future of Jabber. I have a slightly different spin. The clients for Jabber will come from desktop apps, like Radio, that integrate Jabber functionality behind a UI. The user will barely be aware the Jabber is the technology that's linking Radio's so that outlines from your buddies update instantly. I had a phone talk this weekend with DJ Adams to talk about how our publish-subscribe system works. We want to use a Jabber server as a proxy for users behind firewalls and NATs. Jabber won't carry the payload, that's in OPML served statically by Apache, but it will percolate pings around the network. I think it's time to write a cheat-sheet that explains how it works. It's really simple, but it's also really twisty. 

BTW, when I say "Apache" above, you can substitute any static server. It's a short-hand. To me Apache is a lightweight highly optimized app that can blast bits out port 80 without much care and feeding. 

Wired: "Farrell Eaves' camera was a perfectly ordinary Nikon CoolPix 990 until he accidentally knocked it into a pond last summer. Now it's a magic camera." 

Good morning April Foooooools! 

Welcome to the AOL family Steve. You've got blogs!

Google hasn't been bought by AOL, yet. We've got pigeons!

InstaPundit is proudly flying the AOL banner.

Random Slashdot post: "God I hate April 1st. What is the point of all this nonsense? I gues it could be funny, but after about age 5 it sort of stopped being funny for me. Perhaps I should go re-discover my lost childhood or something."

Also announced today, Metafilter and Kuro5hin are merging.

Everyone is selling out today. Cooool. I wonder who Microsoft will buy? Sun? Apple? IBM? Pyra?

Scripting News is brought to you by AOL/Time-Warner.

Five Years of Scripting News 

A picture named five.gifToday is a big day everywhere on the net. Here on Scripting News it's the day. If you look to the right, there's now a new year in the On This Day In section. On this day in 1997 a weblog appeared, for the first time, at called Scripting News. I had been doing a reverse-chronologic daily page of links deep inside the Frontier site, which was on at the time. On 4/1/97 it occurred to me that the new stuff should be on the home page. So I redirected my Frontier CMS to this place and a new weblog and a community got started. The first efforts were pretty humble, and there's lots of linkrot, but that's how things always are when they're getting started.

Fourteen Years of Frontier 

A picture named fourteen.gifAlso, some time in April 1988, UserLand Software started. I don't know the exact date. So roughly fourteen years ago the long-winding-road known as Frontier started. April is a month for starting things. Manila started development in April 1999. The CMS in Frontier started in April 1996. April always begins for me with a question -- what new will happen this month?


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