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Instant Outlining revealed 

Jon Udell's piece on Instant Outlining is available on O'Reilly. "It's been clear to me for a long while that the only thing that might displace email would be some kind of persistent IM. That's exactly what instant outlining is. If it catches on, and it's buzz-worthy enough to do that, we'll have a framework within which to innovate in ways that email never allowed."

Instant Outlining in Radio 8 is still a beta and will be for a while. If you're an adventurous soul with high tolerance for user interface glitches and new ideas, please give it a try. Everything Jon said is true, and what Tim said is true too. It's not for everyone. But it is for workgroups who want to get to the next level after email.

I wrote a brief intro to Jon's piece for DaveNet readers.

A picture named piper.gifScripting News now has an OPML coffee mug so it can be easy to subscribe to my Instant Outline. If we've learned one thing from weblogs -- the pied piper effect matters. Someone has to go first. In this case, that's me. Hi my name is Dave. That's how most Instant Outlines begin. BTW, Joe Jenett is the designer of the mug, and has a library of different mugs on his site. Thanks!

Adam Curry's back-of-envelope review of Instant Outlining. "Currently I'm in Dubai, dialed into the net at about 21k/sec, a far cry from the DSL speeds I'm used to. 'Checking mail' results in 20 minutes of downloading penis enlargers. The same amount of time allowed me to catch up with 9 projects and people scattered around the globe in my Instant Outlines."

New feature. We now have a Weblogs.Com page for instant outliner users, also available in OPML and RSS. It gets real trippy when you subscribe to the OPML feed in the Instant Outliner. It works. Heh. This is a stock feature of Radio Community Server, there's no new code on the server. Yehi.

Today's news 

Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!

Why Masukomi kicks ass. She describes exactly the kind of software company I want to be part of. Luckily, I am.

Charles Eicher is streaming QuickTime from his Radio desktop. Coool-oh.

Cydney Gillis: "The industry got a belly laugh yesterday at Microsoft's expense."

BusinessWeek's special report on 802.11b.

DJ Adams did a block diagram that illustrates the relationship between our publish-subscribe network and the connection to Instant Messaging that I am looking for. Bing!

Rob Fahrni visioizes DJ's diagram.

Clarence Westberg is looking for info on connecting Radio and .NET.

A picture named fuckedman.gifAccording to News.Com Sun is sad about being left out of the web wervices party. McNealy says that Java is doing most of the web services. My numbers say something different. Java hardly shows up. Same with .NET. It seems the Bigs are missing the bootstrap, worrying about their exclusive consortium while the next layer is building. Now maybe Java and .NET are in those numbers, it's possible that the user-agents aren't reflecting what environment all the pings are coming from. I suspect that the Bigs would say these aren't real web services. But to me they are very real.

Seethru Music has a concise list of Napster alternatives.

Bull Mancuso: "I went to have my heart to heart with McNealy, he was in his office and the guy wasn't even scared."

Teoma on Google, and Google on Teoma. Next. Teoma on Teoma, and Google on Google.

Just for a moment in time, this search is interesting.

Alex Beam 

Alex Beam in the Boston Globe writes another blog-basher.

I don't think he understands that weblogs can be used to tie communities together. We do criticize each other's ideas, and thanks for making that easier. There's a lot of pressure to only say positive things, but we have to get past that.

As far as readership, this weblog has a lot more than 35 readers, and it might even have more readers than Beam's column, but sites with just a few readers can be very valuable to those people, and that's important.

Be careful about criticizing a medium based on just a few practitioners, one could reach an incorrect conclusion.


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