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AP: "Rick Belluzzo, Microsoft Corp's president and chief operating officer, unexpectedly resigned Wednesday after a little more than a year in the position. The company said it has no plans to replace him." 

News.Com: "[Yahoo] said Wednesday that it plans to shut down its online invites site." 

Palestinian weblog: Electronic Intifada

Hanan Cohen, in Israel: "Death does not justify death - this is the moral foundation for solving the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians." 

David Kurtz: "When California was faced with an energy crisis last year, Vice President Dick Cheney asserted that 'conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.' And so what did Californians do to stave off rolling blackouts and rising energy costs? They conserved." True. 

Phone talk with a reporter yesterday, not an interview. He raised a concern that makes me pause for thought. He cited the Wen Ho Lee case, where the NY Times ran a story that turned out to be false. So the pro's are concerned, rightfully, about the damage they can do by shooting from the hip.  

A picture named jarrett.gifIn an offline discussion with another reporter, he says that weblogs are proof that writers need editors. I don't agree. I prefer the authentic voice. A person living it can't abstract it the way a writer in an office building far away does. Sure they interview people who are there, but the editorial process strips out the authenticity. I prefer the authentic voice, with all its imperfection; if the writing is too polished I'm wary. 

Paolo presents: RemoteEdit. Use GoLive, Dreamweaver or Front Page to edit Radio templates. Very cool stuff! 

Frontier/Radio developers, have a look at Macrobyte's new Transport Layer Security module and let me know what you think. "The purpose of the protocol is to provide encryption and certification at the transport layer (in this case, TCP), so that data can flow through a secure channel without requiring significant changes to the client and server applications." 

Josh Lucas says they've fixed the problems with the Advogato XML-RPC interface. I wrote several scripts in Radio to test the connection, and it works as advertised. Nice simple docs, clear, easy to follow. Advogato diaries are simple weblogs. Here's the diary I set up for my tests. Hey I'm a master. Thanks. Nice work. A new weblog API to add to the mix. 

Philippe Rekacewicz: "Water in the occupied territories has been under military control since 1967." 

Bob Crosley: "If Al Qaeda members were walking into US resturants, shopping malls, bus stations, etc. with bombs strapped to their chests in a concerted effort to kill as many Americans as possible, what would be our reaction as a nation?" 

Rogers Cadenhead: "I wrote a Java servlet to serve instant outlines in a web browser using Internet Explorer 6's built-in XML rendering engine and an OPML XSLT transformation written by Joshua Allen." 

Tony Collen: "I am transforming OPML to HTML realtime inside Cocoon." 

A picture named kapor.gifA fix was implemented on Monday for the NY Times feeds. Apparently their CMS changes the urls sometimes when the stories don't. Radio's News Aggregator is senstitive to even the slightest change in a news item. The fix was relatively easy once we knew what to do.  

Brigitte Eaton is improving the Google-rank for her Santa Cruz Real Estate site. 

From my instant outline 

Bill Seitz had different expectations about what an Instant Outliner would be.

My personal opinion -- the reason he hasn't seen the type of system he describes is that it isn't implementable.

Or put another way, you have do what we're doing before you figure out how to do what he wants.

We start with the Instant Messaging model, which many people understand. You get a structured surface to write on. You get to choose how you want to do it. I think that narrating your work is the way to go. But also answering questions or asking them of people you subscribe to is good too.

The key is to find ways to flow the stuff entered there into a knowledge base.

I have quite a few ideas about that. ;->

But for now I use copy/paste.

Pave over the cow paths.

That's how you bootstrap.

Watch me copy/paste this into Scripting News.

It works.

BTW, to anyone using a Wiki, I'd highly recommend adding code that understands and generates OPML.

What if you were in Israel? 

Thomas Friedman: "Either leaders of good will get together and acknowledge that Israel can't stay in the territories but can't just pick up and leave, without a U.S.-NATO force helping Palestinians oversee their state, or Osama wins and the war of civilizations will be coming to a theater near you."

Michael Bernstein: "Sentiment here has definitely shifted in the past eight years or so, with the general perception being that the Palestinians interpreted the 1993 Oslo accords as weakness on Israel's part, since before the accords suicide bombings were an extremely rare occurence. Very few people here are willing to make that mistake again, and it's clear that the system that spoon-feeds unreasoning hatred to the Palestinians at every level of society, from grade-school textbooks to the evening news, is going to have to be gutted and eradicated, much as had to be done to post WWII Germany."

Bernstein's comment, from Israel, shifted my thinking. After Sept 11, in the US we know what it feels like to be on the front line of the war in the Middle East. It came to North America last year. Now the news is all from the Middle East, but it can swing to any part of the globe in an instant.

A song to get the day started 

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I never get back! So it's root root root for the home team -- if they don't win it's a shame. Cause it's 1. 2. Three strikes you're out at the old ball game.


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