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CNET reviews Radio 8. Nice review. We need a spell checker. They like Blogger better, but gave it the same score, 8 out of 10. But the best part are the user comments. You guys really like us. Wow. Thanks! 

A picture named jesus.gifPostscript. 51 reviews on CNET written today, 86 percent thumbs up. Overall a very nice feeling coming from the community. We've got a winning attitude, so thanks again for helping explain the product to people reading about it on CNET. Now back to work on the next CMS feature for Radio, planned for (Murphy-willing) Monday. 

BTW, to the people who say UserLand never helps its users, I gotta say this. They must not know Lawrence. Raise your hand if he has helped you get past some kind of problem. He does such excellent work, he's so steady and smart, and helps so many people, and it's as if he didn't exist to some.  

And then there's Russ Lipton. OK he doesn't work at UserLand. But he works as if he were part of the team. He just posted something on the Radio DG while I was writing this. Check it out. A user with vision. The software biz is tough, and we need help like we get from Russ to make it. Fact. 

It's so funny, earlier I forwarded a pointer to the post Russ was responding to saying "It's a good thing I'm working on shortcuts!" What Michael was saying: "I don't want to type in links." Uh huh that's right, you don't. Soon you won't have to. Just in time engineering. Bing?  

OK, and then there's Jeremy Bowers. Check out his outline to see what he's doing for all of us. The Jabber-Radio bootstrap is progressing nicely tonight. Teamwork. I am happy to punch holes in the framework so Jeremy can bolt his stuff on. His cowpath may turn into a freeway for content through from all kinds of networks. But first Jabber. Why? Because when we asked if they'd work with us, they said yes. Sometimes it is just that simple. 

We need helpful support people with encyclopedic memories. We need visionaries who roll up their sleeves and fill in where needed. And we need friendly persistent geeks who like working with each other.  

Esther Dyson on the connection between blogging and face to face conferences. 

A new candidate for best-named blog of 2002. 

A picture named met.gifWhile AOL is fiddling in Washington, with the help of Jeremy Bowers and the Jabber community, we're laying the foundation for connecting desktop content management with instant messaging. After that we will connect the instant outliner via IM. It's open to any IM backbone that chooses to work at the leading edge. This morning Jeremy and DJ Adams hit paydirt. Jeremy asks if this is a bing. Yes it is. Bing! 

Paydirt isn't in the database at, but pay dirt is. Further exploration. This is a search where Teoma's refinement capability helps. On Google, the top answers for paydirt don't tell me what paydirt is. On Teoma I can see right off the bat, with no clicks, that I'm in the right ballpark. 

Steve Zellers is doing OPML in Apple's Cocoa environment. Steve knows outliners, he used to work on MORE at Symantec. He's also proudly displaying the XML-RPC Man on his weblog. Arf arf! 

Charles Cook: "XML-RPC.NET is a class library for implementing XML-RPC Services and clients in the .NET environment." 

I find this weblog intriguing. Centerbeam is a famous company, started by Sheldon Laube, from Novell and US Web. I wonder who the blog is for?  

A picture named pirillo.gifChris Pirillo hit the same wall everyone hits when you open yourself to criticism on a public discussion group. The wiener boys swoop in and teach you a lesson. There's a law in here somewhere. If you allow people to scribble on your weblog in a few months they'll be screaming about you and trying to make you do unnatural acts. Maybe it's the law of averages. Weblogs don't have the problem. If you want to say something negative do it in your space where it reflects on your rep. Usually the WB sites atrophy pretty quickly. Constant negative people bashing isn't that interesting, I guess. I support Chris, he's a good person, doing the best he can. He works his butt off for the good of the universe. Keep on truckin. 

AOL logo.As some of the people commenting on the CNET review of Radio 8 point out, there's more to Radio than a neat competitive (!) blogging tool. It's a full web services platform in an easy to install package, with compelling apps. Like Evan, we know John Borthwick at AOL who testified this week against Microsoft. We've talked with many branches of AOL about getting strategic and jointly offering competition to Microsoft, but instead they testify in antitrust suits. Uck. Their argument would be more persuasive if they tried to offer an alternative to Microsoft's web services platform.  


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