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SoapWare.Org: Google, directories, OPML

The Covers Project has an XML-RPC interface. 

Now Google has one too. "It's a way to call the Google API using XML-RPC." 

Omar Shahine: "I got Simon Fell's Word to Radio Macros working with Mac Word X and Mac OS 10.1." 

Myelin: "This is a web server, written completely in Python, that implements the xmlStorageSystem protocol used by Radio UserLand, a popular weblog tool." 

Joe Friend was the program manager for PageMaker back when we worked with Aldus to get scripting support into the product. 

Scott Loftesness: Notes on Radio Customization

Nothing beats a Coke and pizza. Or. Nothing bizza Coke and pizza. Or. Nothing beats a Coke and peats a. 

Mel Brooks channeled through Ernie the Attorney: "Tragedy is if I get a paper cut on my finger. Comedy is if you fall in an open sewer and die." 

Federico Reinfeld: "Thanks for the links to the Venezuelan crisis. As a Venezuelan in the United States, the lack of information was a very painful situation. This is what weblogs are made for. Thanks again! Muchas Gracias por Radio!" 

One year ago today, I proposed a next step in SOAP interop work. "Here's the benchmark I propose. First, deliver a multi-vendor SOAP-based writing-publishing system that uses no Microsoft software. Then switch out the non-Microsoft components with Microsoft pieces, where they exist, one at a time, and have it still work." Here's what's interesting about that. Even though the leaders of the SOAP interop process, at the time, hadn't tuned into weblogs then, now many of them have. And the plan that we proposed, of course, was the blueprint for what we did. Today you can run a modern Web publishing system using no Microsoft software. I think we need some kind of logo for that. "This weblog is produced using nothing from Microsoft." Easing our dependence on MS is good for everyone, including Microsoft, imho. 

Adam Curry, who is honored in the current issue of Wired as one of the coolest of bloggers (I agree) was looking for a Groove API, and instead found out that he isn't cool enough. Now that's funny!! 

Here's proof that InfoWorld has a long way to go to get back to where it was. A few factual errors in this piece, and absolutely no inspiration.  

Keith Calder: What Weblog Are You? 

NY Times: Venture Capitalists See Investors Grow Mutinous. It's about time. Let's bring the venture back to venture capital. Take some risks, guys and gals. You can't earn the fat management fees if you don't invest. 

A picture named rayozzie.gifDC Denison has an interesting article in today's Boston Globe about Groove 2.0. It's about cross-company collaboration with wires running over the Internet. Of course that's what we're doing with Radio as well. An important point, Yahoo is already the leader in this area and is too clueless to capitalize on it. In yesterday's DaveNet when I listed the companies who were ripe for SOAP, I had originally put Yahoo on the list. I took them off because they're still thinking dotcom and advertising (or at least that's what you'd conclude if you used their service). One more thing. Paypal and Digital River should have been on the list. I want to get notification via SOAP or XML-RPC when a customer purchases a product so our servers can automatically enable services. Now there's still a manual step in the process. This doesn't require high security, but it would enable us to broaden our offerings and make more money flow. One more thing if anyone from Groove is tuned in. Is the new Groove in any way open? Does it support SOAP or XML-RPC or even RSS? When Ray went on his initial road show for Groove 1.0 he made a big deal about that, but the wires never materialized. Are they here now? 


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