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Paul Prescod: Google's Gaffe. "I take the SOAP-ifying of Google as a sign that the web services hype has now reached overdrive." 

Rebuttal: "SOAP is, as Prescod acknowledges, a juggernaut. It's better, imho, to accept that it's here, above all the objections that have been raised. Every service that comes online is potentially a killer app for the next layer of the Internet, one that's not confined to HTML browsing. I'm sure that somewhere in this space is huge growth of knowledge-sharing made possible by tools that work better for more people. That's where the prize is, in the activation of minds." 

Vint Cerf: "The Internet is for everyone." 

Colin Faulkingham: "The DGWS server is a lot like a Group Weblog but structured more like an actual Discussion Group." 

AP: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Wednesday the company has not tried to figure out how to remove elements of its Windows operating system, because the task would be impossible." 

Andrew Orlowski: "Remember: this is the plea for clemency from a convicted criminal." 

Craig Burton: "He lied. He knows that he lied. Nothing new." 

Dan Gillmor: "I created a quickie weblog for a symposium in Beijing this week and updated it live from the podium as I was speaking. Eyes went wide as people saw themselves show up on the Web." 

Dan Shafer: "My favorite new app development environment, PythonCard, is about to meet up with my favorite new operating system, Mac OS X." 

Wealth Bondage: "Perhaps Userland could solicit Social Venture Funding." 

Kur5hin: "Media giant (and MPAA and RIAA member) Viant conducted an extensively detailed study of filesharing last year. It's an excellent analysis of the current state of various types of filesharing systems as well as an overview of the legal and technical issues surrounding each." 

I'm glad that Clay Shirky has stopped saying that BigCo's and Web Services are one and the same thing. Now he says that SOAP (what about XML-RPC, Clay) is an essential ingredient of decentralization. For that he gets a half a bing. But he doesn't say what it will do for people. He would have gotten the full bing if he had a weblog. That's the next step in ShirkyLand. (Yes, I'm cheeky and I don't know my place.) 

CNN: "Google needs to get untentative," says Dave Winer, the CEO of Userland Software and an influential online essayist. "They need to grow, and developers are central to that. They become your sales force. Google has the two magic ingredients that developers love: users and potential."  

Paolo and his team have a beta of a new Radio tool that does shared outlines. 

Darrell Smith is the CTO of Morpheus

James Hong: "How did Jake know what I was up to?"  

Scott Mace: "How many of you reading this have experienced Launch.Com?" 

Philip Pearson created a PHP implementation of xmlStorageSystem. "This may seem like a completely pointless project, seeing as RCS is already more or less free, and PyCS does everything pretty well already. However, neither of them will run on your $10 hosting account that only allows CGI and PHP. This will." 

With three implementations, I started a new sub-directory for xmlStorageSystem. 

LM Orchard: "When subscribed to 100+ RSS feeds, it's like I'm floating in this N-dimensional space where I can overhear voices from hundreds of rooms without being overwhelmed. When something triggers some of my mental filters and watchwords, I click the link and delve deeper." 

Mike Deem: "The people who run Microsoft could decide to delete all the source code and go home. Microsoft is a private enterprise run for fun and profit. If you take the fun and profit out of it, why bother?" 

On this day last year: "The time to ask the question about Microsoft truly being open isn't now, when they have everything to gain from openness, but when they achieve dominance in the market. At that point, without government intervention, or self-imposed restraint, you can be sure it's going to close up." 

Evan Williams: "Some days—usually Mondays—I wish I had someone to tell me what I should be doing. I mean besides thousands of Blogger users." 

I finally saw A Beautiful Mind yesterday. Very sweet movie. Maybe there's only one good idea in a lifetime. The rest of it is a struggle to see what's real and tune out what's not.  


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