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DaveNet: Making friends with Hollywood

Scott Johnson: Marketing Software When You Are a Small Company

James Hong: "It's disappointing that didn't get nominated for a Webby Award." 

Colin Faulkingham: "All I need now is a super groovy Radio client and we are off and running." I hope some enterprising Radio developer writes glue to help get Colin's project flowing. I'd do it myself, but I haven't got the time in the next few days. Let's make this a community barn-raising. He's got a great start. Help all of us out and let's take the next step. Thanks! 

Phillip Pearson notes that a Google search for Scientology now returns Operation Clambake as the first match.  

Sjoerd offers another view of REST vs RPC. I have yet another. There's a seed of the debates of the early 90s over AppleScript syntax, which if you go deeper into, you'll see is the REST philosophy, viewed through a different lens, at a different time. Lots of nouns, just a few verbs. I don't want to reignite the flames after all these years, but I should say that I was on the RPC side then too. Who wants a lot of nouns. I like man pages that tell you what the parameters are and what each of the procedures returns. I don't believe in super flexible interfaces, I like enumerated entry points. Check out the verb set for our programming environment. Maybe there are two schools of thought. 

It's been one of the most interesting days yet. An outage, some personal stuff (sorry I don't do that here) and then I got an email, from a lawyer at the Church of Scientology wanting us to remove their copyrighted material from one of the free sites we host. I looked at the site, and they may have a point. There is some blockquoted material, the author claims that it comes from a Scientology document, or does it? Is it fair use? The passage is fairly long. I am not a lawyer. And unlike Google, we are playing the role of an ISP, although we don't derive any revenue from hosting the site. Further I'm not that interested in Scientology and I have a few other things on my mind. Anyway I sent an email to the author of the site, Bill St Clair, asking if it is copyrighted material from Scientology. I think that's the appropriate first step. 

Jon Udell: The Google API is a Two-Way Street. "So don't ask only what Google can do for you. Ask also what you can do for Google, and for the Web, by making the most of the metadata you publish." 

FWIW, they should be running articles like Udell's on XML.Com. I took a screen shot of their home page today for reference in a couple of years. How far from pragmatic. This stuff is deploying now. Developers are excited. None of that comes through at XML.Com.  

InfoWorld interviews Macromedia's Kevin Lynch on Web Services. 

Another day of outages on our main static server. Jake is down at Exodus to investigate. Lawrence explains what this outage means for people using Radio who upstream to our community server. 

Motley Fool: 12 Myths About AOL

News.Com: "While Macromedia executives tout one of the company's biggest product launches ever--Web design tool Dreamweaver MX--company lawyers will be in court for the beginning of a contentious patent suit against Adobe." 

Adam Curry's mom: "Yikes! I don't even know what RSS feed is. All I know is: I'm up and running - and it's fun. Yes, Adam, you're allowed a smile and an 'I told you so.'" 

USA Today: "Hundreds of Internet radio stations plan to go silent Wednesday to protest proposed record-label royalty payments they say would endanger their industry." 

Mike Chambers has a Flash weblog. 

Zeldman reviews the new Dreamweaver. "You had to jump through hoops to make Dreamweaver 4 support current web standards. Dreamweaver MX Preview Release came out today, offering vastly improved support for CSS, XHTML, and accessibility." 

Dave Ely: "Web Services was a really bad name." 

Steve Gillmor reports on Stop Energy among the Bigs.  

Matt Brown's Dreamweaver Blog. "This is probably the most exciting day in the last 18 months for a lot of people involved with Dreamweaver. I am convinced that this is the best release of Dreamweaver yet without a doubt." 

Susan Kitchens: "John W Dean made this announcement: He's gonna reveal the identity of Deep Throat on June 17th." 

NY Times: Why Gates Won't Apologize. "Asked by the states' lawyer whether his company had done anything to address the court's finding that Microsoft illegally commingled the code of its Explorer browser with Windows, Mr. Gates said repeatedly that he had made it easy for computer makers to remove the Explorer icon from the desktop." 

Last year on this day I was reading Breaking Windows and writing about the Strategy Tax that we all pay, whether we work at Microsoft or not. 

On this day in 1997, I posted a retraction and apology. When you screw up there's no harm in admitting it.  

It's raining today. Very nice. The garden just loves it. Lots of planting last week, everybody says "Good timing Dave!" All my new friends, and the old ones too, say how happy they are wth the unusual spring rain. Good deal. 

Marc Barrot makes progress with his activeRenderer.  

Keith Ballinger explains his dislike for RPC. 

Seth Dillingham documents an ancient optimization. 


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