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Outage update. Our Linux server appears to be infected with a worm. Until we completely back it up to a new server (installed yesterday) the outages will continue. At that point we'll have an extra static server at Exodus. Update at 5:15PM. The backup is complete. At 7PM there will be a planned outage on the static server, as we try to nuke the worm. If it works, everything should be back up by 8PM. If not, we go to plan B, and remap DNS to point to the new server. That will take as long as it takes for the DNS changes to percolate.  

Survey: "Will the number of weblogs continue to grow organically, or will there be a big spurt of explosive growth?" 

"Google's Genius?" asks Sam Ruby. "To pick a wire format for which there are dozens of toolkits poised to directly translate the protocol into readily consumable bits." Yes. 

Finally, a screen shot of PythonCard. It looks like you could do a kickass blogging tool with it. 

A particularly tricky virus. Who wouldn't want to know about an email to The World Bank that bounced. But wait a minute. I didn't send an email to them. Cute.  

Mike Chambers points to the Macromedia Developer Resources XML feed. A few weeks ago, as we were getting ready to flow the NY Times content through Radio's news aggegrator, we also released a driver for Macromedia's feed. So if you're running Radio now, you can subscribe to the feed by clicking here

Giles Bateman: "If the judge took away Internet Explorer (the weapon MS used in the crime for which they have been convicted) and barred them from further development for the Internet (appropriate, given the nature of the crime), Microsoft's monopoly power would dissolve on the spot." Amen. 

Alan Reiter is blogging the Technologic wireless conference in San Francisco. 

A picture named gotspam.gifPermit me to rant about Macromedia. They merged with Allaire. Both companies have BigCo's on the brain. Here's an interview with Jeremy Allaire. And a quote. "What we've found though is that roughly 75% of web applications are built by scripting level developers." Personally, I think a lot of them use non-Microsoft and non-IBM tools and environments. I'd like to see them pitch their capabilities to all developers. Later he says that they've been working privately with Microsoft on interop. This is what I mean by having BigCo's on the brain. When we've tried to work with either Macromedia or Allaire they tell us about their plans to work with the Bigs. They say it nicely, but it's so frustrating. This bugs me bigtime.  

James Hong: "Dave is like the BigCo of weblogs." Heh. 

Marc Barrot continues his work on activeRenderer. 

John Robb: "Radio is a fully decentralized system. Even better, it provides you with a complete back-up of your weblog on your desktop and the ability to add to your weblog while disconnected. Given that it is decentralized, you can opt to self-host your weblog at your ISP or on your corporate Intranet in under a minute." I posted this to correct some incorrect information that's floating around. We worked really hard for a couple of years to build a completely decentralized system. It takes a few minutes to post an incorrect analysis of the product, and then that floats around out there, and hurts our business. Play fair. Our product isn't perfect, for sure, but don't ding us for not doing things the product does do. 

Roland Tanglao: "I don't understand what the big deal is about moving your weblog from Radio to another system to avoid centralization problems." Note the URL on Roland's weblog. 

On the discussion thread at Burning Bird, the source of the incorrect information, Simon Fell says: "You're not tied to hosting at Userland with Radio." It's so obviously true. Here's a screen shot of the FTP prefs page in Radio. Just click on the checkbox, enter your information, and it upstreams where ever you want. Also a little-known fact, you can serve from the machine you author on. If you're running Radio, try clicking on this link. Navigate through the calendar. It works. For a low traffic site, or a site on an Intranet behind a firewall, you might even want to use it this way. Radio has a lot of power that we don't push, be careful when you say it can't do something, because there's a pretty good chance it can.  

NY Times: Fun With Your Zip Program. "Using little more than the zipping programs found on most personal computers, [Italian scientists] can easily distinguish between texts written in 10 different languages and almost unfailingly tell which of a large group of texts were written by the same author." 

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse. "Have you received a letter asking you to remove information from a Web site or to stop engaging in an activity? Are you concerned about liability for information that someone else posted to your online forum?" 

250 emails this morning. Only four contained content. The rest were spam and viruses. 


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