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Outage update 3:48PM. The static server was offline between 1PM and approx 3:15PM, as a precaution. Details

WebMonkey: "Radio manages to create a dynamic environment for the exchange of information without asking too much of each individual user." 

Jon Udell: Blogspace Under the Microscope

Megnut: "Imagine if your car used a gas pedal to accelerate, but depressing the same pedal on your friend's car sounded the horn." 

Reuters: "While file-sharing services like Kazaa and Morpheus enable anyone with an Internet connection to access a huge library of music for free, experienced file sharers are more likely to actually increase the amount of money they spend on CDs, the report by research firm Jupiter Media Metrix said." 

Shane McChesney: "It's finally starting to warm up here in Canada's mid-North." 

SJ Merc: "A federal magistrate in Los Angeles has ordered SonicBlue to spy on thousands of digital video recorder users, monitoring every show they record, every commercial they skip and every program they send electronically to a friend." I have an admission to make. For the first few weeks as a TiVO owner, I didn't skip over the commercials because it felt wrong to do so. Now I do skip them. If everyone does this (I'm sure they do) does this mean the end of TV as we know it? Yes, of course. Should the courts interfere? No, of course. Should the entertainment industry adjust? They have no choice, imho. I talked on the phone with Adam Curry yesterday and told him this story. Adam said when he watches TV he skips over the shows and only watches the commercials. Heh. I'm sure he's not joking.  

Bryan Field-Elliot: "It's completely absurd to call 'theft' the skipping of commercials using a PVR. By their logic, I suppose it's also theft if I go to the bathroom or fetch a snack during commercials. If so, I wonder how many billions of dollars in advertising have already been lost to such malevolent biological needs." 

Jenny the Librarian: "I'm glad SonicBlue is going to fight this order." 

Mark Paschal released Kit 1.0.1, a popular set of interfaces and utilities for Radio 8. 

To the Macromedia guys, Paolo Valdemarin is a guy you should talk with. His company, evectors, based in Italy, makes software that turns Dreamweaver into a great tool for designing Radio templates.  

Jonathon Delacour informs me that I have been infected with a crude ad hominem attack. This is wonderful. A philosophical firewall. Thanks, no sarcasm.  

Early May outage still rolling 

We still haven't got the outage cleared. Yesterday we learned a lot about Samba and Windows 2000, but still haven't gotten the community server to "see" the static server. Still limping along. We're now regrouping and going to try a completely different strategy today.

Last year on this day: Lessons from a hard disk crash.

Hey there was a Happy Birthday thread on the Radio discussion group. A little girl named Emilia was born in Austria yesterday, fathered by a man named Thomas. To little Emilia, a message in a bottle. May 2 is a magic birthday. The weather is great all around the world, so people are in a good mood, and ready to party. Early May, in the northern hemisphere, is a time of renewal. Everything is waking up, gardens are starting to bloom, babies are being born in the animal kingdom. It's the best possible birthday, imho.

I want to thank the Radio users, and the weblog community in general for being so understanding, patient and supportive. We've gotten lots of help over the last few days, and lots more offers of help. Just a few complaints, but mostly from confusion -- once people understood that we had a meltdown, they've been patient. I think people understand that we're hurting over here. Yesterday Bruce Loebrich noted that we are software developers, not system operators. That's so true. When we get the system working again, we're going to be looking for one or more partnerships that allow us to offload big pieces of the system ops. There are organizations and people who have much more knowledge about this. We love to develop software, and we're really good at that. That's where UserLand's focus should be.

Now I'm going to move these outage comments under a separate heading and start a fresh day on Scripting News. The idea is to keep going, the best we can, with what we have.


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