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Scott Johnson: The Radio Chapters for the O'Reilly Book

A picture named intelupyourbutt.gifThis evening Wes Felter posted a link to an EE Times article where Intel expresses its disbelief over plans to cripple computers and turn them into "dumb terminals". Wes's comment on the link: "Looks like Intel is firmly in the pocket of the entertainment BigCos." I asked Wes where the smoking gun is. He pointed to a page in his archive for 3/21, which included a link to this joint statement by Intel and AOL, which clearly says they want to turn over all our computers to the old supply chain, where "consumers" use computers to watch stuff produced by the entertainment industry. These systems, presumably, would not be capable of competing with that industry. In the world they're envisioning you'll be watching simulations of people posting to weblogs, instead of real people. Awesome.  

A picture named dennys.gifTo remind you what their reality is like, I quote Flangy News. "Have you seen the new Denny's ad? The one with Kermit and Ms. Piggy? Denny's is having a deal on the Grand Slam Breakfast, the muppets get all excited, and order them. Kermit and Ms. Piggy order Grand Slams. A Grand Slam is eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage." 

Peter Rukavina did an airline browser, much like the one I did for Google. You start at an airport (I entered SFO) and it responds with the airports you can get to from there. Click on one of those and repeat. He has a navigator for the Star Alliance (most of the world) and Air Canada. This is an interesting thread. 

Anita Roddick takes issue with Google's ad policies. "It began on Monday when I posted a short comment on this site about Malkovich's public threat to shoot Scottish MP George Galloway and Independent reporter Robert Fisk. In that three-sentence notice, I called Malkovich a 'vomitous worm.'"  

Lunch at Google today. Back. 

John Markoff: "The video game industry is in a remarkable boom." 

New Scientist: "All around us are tiny doors that lead to the rest of the universe." 

Steve Jenson started a RSS Best Practices wiki page. 

Jonah Goldberg: Attack of the Blogs. "Depending on whom you believe, blogging is either having its 15 minutes of fame right now or these 15 minutes actually constitute the opening scene of a new thousand-year bloggian reich." Yeah but the 15 minutes has been over two years.  

Microsoft may yet get me to install Windows XP. I'd choose the "non-Microsoft" configuration because I'm a conscious software user. When given a choice, I prefer to use products created by independent software developers because I know that I depend on competitive markets for new features that are responsive to my wants. Too bad they have to be dragged into court and drag the industry through a debilitating process to get them to do what they should have done in the first place, offer choice to users. Also, to be clear, this doesn't go nearly far enough for me. I want the browser separated from Microsoft. They have too much control of the Web. The Web is too important to be owned by one company. 

Scoble wonders how I post so early. Why do the birds sing? Why do the roosters crow? (One of my neighbors has roosters.) The sun comes up, strrrrretch, coffee, post. Bing. 

Three years ago today I wrote a piece called Edit This Page, where I outlined what we were doing with Manila, which was in development at the time. I had just done a demo for Dan Gillmor. Dan would become one of the poster boys for browser-based journalism. Here's the key quote: "Writing for the web is too damned hard. It turns you into a bookkeeper. I've got files all over my hard disk and their counterparts on the server. I can't keep track of them! When I'm reading a web page that I wrote, if I spot a mistake, I have to execute 23 complicated error-prone steps to make the change." Today we take it for granted that editing starts in the browser, but in 1999 it was a new idea.  

Two years ago today I was in Trieste. Paolo says "It's time for you to come visit again." True. 

Early morning dance bloggin 

I got an email from Thomas Madsen-Mygdal saying he enjoyed the energy in yesterday's DaveNet. It's true, I was in a pretty free space when I wrote it.

But if you think that piece had strong energy, check this one out, written on this day four years ago. "What better way to have fun than to laugh at the funky body you have?" Uhhh huh. Hey. Pocky. Way.

Dude. I own Hey Pocky Way on Google. Without a doubt.

The Grateful Dead covered the song.

Feel good music. In your soul. Gonna make your body rock and roll. Oh yeah.

Fodder for the wiener boys! Hey guys, you can dance too. It ain't hard. Lalalala.

Cooooool. Aieeee. Bees in my hair. Wheee!

Wouldn't it be great if weblogs had music. If only we could all dance together.

The F2F blog-athon 

I'm working on getting space for 125 bloggers at Stanford for a half-day blogathon. We'll dance then for sure.

And we'll figure out how to fill a room with people with minds and great energy for new software for the revival of Silicon Valley.

Bring your Bibles and get ready for some thumpin.

Or Bing you Bibles and do some humpin.


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