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Today's survey: "What are you looking for?" 

Ted Nelson: "Today's nightmarish new world is controlled by 'webmasters', tekkies unlikely to understand the niceties of text issues and preoccupied with the Web's exploding alphabet soup of embedded formats." 

A picture named krusty.gifPreview screen shot of tomorrow's release. It's the connection between the Radio outliner and presentations, flowing through the lizard-brain content management system in Radio that dates back to 1996. This will make sense only to the most geekish who have been around for six years. As Krusty the Clown says. "Oy." Tomorrow hopefully (praise Murphy) it will make sense to people who merely want to do browser-viewable presentations authored with Radio's outliner

Paolo: "I'm managing 13 weblogs from a single window." 

Extra credit: "What will you settle for?" 

Here's a good idea. Danny O'Brien has a weblog. He's a writes for the London Sunday Times and NTK. He's also famous for being the guy-on-the-right in the pic on my personal page (the guy-on-the-left is John Foster). 

BBC: "Controversial rapper Eminem's latest album is topping the US charts, but he has made an unwanted entry into a chart of computer users." 

Least favorite feature of Windows. When it restarts after crashing, all my visited links become unvisited.  

Jon Udell's last column for BYTE, Personal RSS Aggregators, is rising through the ranks on Daypop. This is good to see. Unlike weblogs, aggregators don't leave much of a visible trail to follow.  

Alan Reiter: "Many WiFi experts think the U.S. is the WiFi leader. We're the leader in software development and new business models, but not in hotspot implementation. In Korea, there will be 25,000 hotspots in perhaps a year. In the U.S. we now have 1-2,000 hotspots." 

My session description for the Open Source conf is up. 

Boing Boing has an RSS feed. I'm subscribed. 

After reading Cory's comment on Boing Boing, I decided to mirror tinsel.swf on, to help spread out the bandwidth cost. Millions of people should see the cartoon and sing the song. I've already listened to it at least 35 times. It's okay to brainwash yourself, btw.  

Based on yesterday's survey results, I hope we can put to rest the debate about weblogs wiping out the pros. Zero people chose that one. Hey it was a kind of one-sided debate, and perhaps points to a bug in the pro's process. Not everything is a fight to the death.  

Interesting. Nick Denton's three favorite TV shows happen to be my three favorites, in fact they're the only shows I like. Last night The West Wing wasn't on after last week's fabulous season finale. What a shame. I didn't tune into this show until its third season (I think) and there are so many episodes I haven't seen. Why not find some way to monetize this, I'd happily pay for it. As I've said many times before, there aren't enough ways to spend money on things that bring pleasure. 

Maybe Nick is a member of my karass

John Robb: "Now I can publish to Italy and the US by clicking a single check box below my editing screen." 

Susan Kitchens is touring Kennedy Space Center, with pics. 

Want to know when I update Scripting News? Here's the data. Updated every hour on the hour. The numbers are cumulative, starting Monday of this week. 

We have .com, .net, .org, .edu. How about .person? 

I've decided don't want a Pocket PC. I don't want an iPod either. I want an all-digital Walkman that connects easily to my LAN, using 802.11b. $500. Anyone want to make one for me? I didn't think so.  

Ryan Greene says the Terapin Mine is what I'm looking for. Looks nice. Does it have an FM receiver. 

Brad Wilson: "Can you imagine what a cow the RIAA would have.." Why? 

A picture named friedman.gifYesterday I heard three-time Pulitzer-winning NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Disclaimer: I hate Thomas Friedman. He became "part of the story" when he suggested to the Saudi prince that he go public with his peace plan for the Middle East. He did make a good point, which I managed to hear through my seething hatred. In the Far East, the political leaders traded democracy for prosperity, and fifty years later, they have democracy too. (Is he talking about Singapore?) In the Middle East, the leaders traded democracy for fifty years of war with Israel. No prosperity. The Arab people, most of whom are under 30 (seventy percent!) are not happy about this. Makes sense. 

Maybe Friedman is a member of my karass

There's lots of September 11 "news" in the news. Memorial Day. The FBI thing. And they're finishing up at Ground Zero (I actually thought that had already happened). Anyway, there was a report on NPR this morning about a woman who lost her husband in the disaster. They found his car, it was parked in the garage, and was mostly undamaged. They called her, and she came down, for a ceremony to open the trunk. There was a present in the trunk. September 11 is her birthday.  

Keola's Take On NetFlix. "I gave up on them after only two months (one free and one paid). It wasn't their fault, but it just took too darn long for some DVDs to get here. Some got here in three days, others took close to two weeks (we're in Hawai'i)." 


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