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DaveNet: The Googlish way to do Directories

One of tomorrow's innovations. More links for Radio weblogs. It's going to point to the blogroll OPML, if it's present; and to mySubscriptions.opml, and a change in the format for the link to the RSS feed. We won't release the code until tomorrow, to provide a very brief comment period. My Radio weblog already has the three types of links in its head. View source to see what they look like. 

I had a great phone talk with Mark Pilgrim, who is continuing to kick butt with his harvester. Now he's got it connecting up with Google. The changes above are to make more powerful harvesters possible, like the one Mark is doing.  

This an experiment. I want to see how blogrolls and directories interact. Send me the URL of your blogroll outline and I'll add it to the list. Hey I found a gem in Jake's blogroll. He has a section for sites with blogrolls. Oh the humanity. 

A picture named russianchick.gifYaroslav Grekov blogs from Russia. "Here in Russia blogging is rare - we only have 5-7 popular blogs, but it's gaining momentum." He wrote a Blogger's Manifesto. It's short and gets to the point quickly. "I believe that bloggers will eventually overthrow the reign of traditional media."  

Anita Roddick: "Google's policy of not allowing political advocacy ads is misguided, impossible to administer with any kind of fairness, and a scary step toward restricting the free marketplace of ideas." 

A Boston Globe op-ed piece masquerading as news. Total hyperbole. Innovation, emphatically, is not enabled by patents. It is enabled by creativity. Patents turn creative work into a legal exercise. If you turn creativity over to lawyers then only lawyers will be able to create. Yuck. 

Internet.Com: "Security software maker Network Associates, Friday received a patent for storing metadata on a server." 

Two years ago today: "Ideas are in the air, who created it first? It's usually impossible to tell." 

Jack Valenti, in 1982: "We are facing a very new and a very troubling assault on our fiscal security, on our very economic life and we are facing it from a thing called the video cassette recorder and its necessary companion called the blank tape. And it is like a great tidal wave just off the shore. This video cassette recorder and the blank tape threaten profoundly the life-sustaining protection, I guess you would call it, on which copyright owners depend, on which film people depend, on which television people depend and it is called copyright."  

Paolo explains that IdeaTools is an OPML-based CMS. Nice! 

Adam Wendt explains how aggregators can leave a visible trail. Hmmm. 

Mark Pilgrim writes a script that discovers that he should be reading Scripting News. Mark is a great guy. We've been having fun with this RSS Auto-Discovery project. The only reason I did it is because he was so excited about it. What the heck. That's why I do software, so my mind can play with the minds of smart people. I'm also a sucker for forward motion. Sure you make mistakes when you move. That's life. If you try to make no mistakes you end up at the finish line having done nothing with your time on the planet. 

BTW, our next project is to unbundle the directory displaying code in Manila, and get it into Radio Community Server, so that Yahoo-like directories can spring up everywhere. Blogrolls are the first step in a bootstrap. What happens when you want more? Mark's blogroll harvester is a first step too. I hate to say this because Mark says he doesn't like OPML, but it's going to come in handy, now that the blogrolls can have white-on-orange XML buttons that link to their OPML source.  

Hey, just for fun I added a link element to Scripting News that points to my blogroll. Do a view source. What do you think? Is that fun or what? 

New Manila macro -- generates an XML Coffee Mug. Now any Radio user can subscribe to a Manila site's RSS feed.  

Three years ago: "The browser belongs in the operating system. The positive solution is to arrive at a set of cross-platform APIs that allow non-Microsoft HTML renderers to plug in, in place of the Microsoft renderer. We need built-in system-level HTML rendering on Mac OS too." 


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