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Mark Kraft: LiveJournal to support RSS and discovery

Davezilla: These are the Daves of our Lives. "Everyone knows a Dave or three. Daves are always dependable, competent, rather silly and the jack-of-all trades in most offices. Dave is always the guy who can fix the copier, jumpstart your engine or make that noisy dog calm down." 

Marc Barrot: "Look Dave No UserTalk!"  

Scott Johnson posted his two chapters on Radio for the O'Reilly weblog book, for review. 

A picture named courage.gifStarting work on a new tool, My Weblog Outliner. I just wrote up the design and am beginning work on the implementation. The goal is to offer a way for any blogger to edit posts in an outliner, even if they use another weblog tool, Blogger, Movable Type, Manila, etc; or post directly to weblogData.root, if it's a Radio weblog. This begins a new direction, providing tools that enhance the writing experience with Radio, even if you publish to a non-Radio weblog. As the market develops, people who are really interested, will use all the tools. This was what we saw in desktop publishing, people would use Pagemaker for some things, Quark for others, and add a bevy of compatible tools, like PhotoShop, Illustrator, scripting, databases, word processors, image managers, etc. That's going to happen with Web publishing too. 

Lisa Spangenberg: "I want this." Excellent. 

Bob Hiler: "For two years during the Internet Bubble, I worked as a Wall Street analyst in Frank Quattrone's CSFB Technology Group covering Internet stocks." 

Cory Doctorow blogs Howard Rheingold's keynote at the Reboot conference, in Copenhagen. I was there last year.  

Paolo has a new RadioPoint template. Demo. Download

I rebuilt my neighborhood, now there are tons more sources, as people add the headLinks macro to their home page templates, thereby sharing who they're subscribed to, giving my harvester more places to visit.  

Chuck Shotton: "The Great Leesburg Paint Scandal has reached epic proportions." 

DJ Adams is exploring neighborhoods using Blogdex. 

Thanks to Jon Udell for passing along a pointer from Jeremy Allaire to a Flash visualization of their XML-based developer feed. It's tantalizing, but.. To really work, I want to stay in Flash for the whole experience. And my aging eyes have a lot of trouble with the small type, made worse by the low contrast betw the text and background colors. Basically the whole thing is not accessible, for me, to use a term popularized by the W3C. 

Reuters: "Movie studios and consumer-electronics companies are close to reaching an agreement that would protect digital-television broadcasts from being copied and traded Napster-style over the Internet, negotiators said on Monday."  

On NewsHour last night, a segment on the demise Napster, which filed for bankruptcy yesterday. One person was interviewed, PJ McNealy, a Gartner analyst. The whole thing was about piracy. It seems the RIAA public relations campaign worked. Never mind that people can use these networks to dig up music that is not in distribution, and that at least some users would be happy to pay a reasonable price for the ability to program their own music, if only there were a way to pay for it.  

BBC: "A new dictionary is being compiled which will put tens of thousands of Scots words dating back as far as 800 years on the Internet." That's a good idea. When I think of Scotsmen, I think of two people, one a blogger, and the other a Simpson's character. Popular culture. 

Jon Udell: The Google API is a Two-Way Street. This article came out in late April, but I missed it. Good stuff. 

A picture named mrrogers.gifMister Rogers: "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?" 

Mark Pilgrim uses Google to find your neighborhood. Here's mine, cached on Mark's server. How it works. "Use the Google API to find which sites are related to Scrape each of those 'related' sites looking for lists of links to other sites. Combine all the link lists into one big list and subtotal by site." 


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