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Mac OS X running 

OK, with Jake's help, I got my Mac OS X Cube running. It wasn't too hard. I like some of the neat UI things they've done. Like when you enter the wrong password, the dialog shakes its head. No need to beep at me. I like the special effects when you launch an app. I like that I can run the terminal window. Nice. Next we have to figure out how to copy my MP3s from my Windows machine to the Mac OS X machine.

Morning health notes 

Feeeeeling much better today. They say there are some up days and some down days -- in both of the concurrent body things I'm doing -- withdrawing from nicotine addiction, and healing from heart surgery. Having both go on at the same time probably isn't all that uncommon. Today is a pure upnote because both are giving me positive feedback today. People often miss that there's a positive side to quitting smoking (beyond the usual things) that happens almost immediately. You're not supressing your senses when you're not smoking. So the full sensory effect of the world hits you like a big blast. That's good and bad. Today it's good.

Rate of recovery. It can be deceptive. Family and friends and me are deceived. I look normal, I have good energy when seated. I dress normally, can take care of myself like anyone else (feed myself, go to the bathroom, etc). But when I try to do anything that requires strength or stamina, I get a rude reminder that I still have quite a way to go before I'm back. I can't walk for more than five minutes, I get out of breath and need a rest. I can't drive a car. I can't go shopping. I'm exceptionally irritable (no smoking) and scared (eeeks it was my heart).

Anyway, as one might expect, when I get grounded -- accept what is real, then I feel good. It's nice, even wonderful, to be able to walk for five minutes on a gorgeous California summer morning. Not much more to say about that. It could have been impossible. Glad it worked out.

Community iPod Gift 

A picture named ipod.gifMy community-gifted iPod arrived today. Thanks. It's amazing that the weblog world can become something so material and so generous. Very nicely designed product. On the other hand, I have no idea how to use it. I opened the box, and read the instructions, and guys and gals, this is for people who use Macs. I'm not one of those people. I use Windows. I have a Mac, but I've never even turned it on. Uhhh. It's the thought that counts I'm sure. This is one of those times when a cigarette would help. (Instead I'm calling Dave Jacobs for advice on hooking the iPod up to Windows.)

Mark Staben says that the Sony laptops support Firewire, so it's lucky -- that's what my laptop is. So after trying to get my Mac cube to boot (it didn't) I'll think I'll go that route. I'm going to try using Media Four's software for Windows. Just took a look at the Vaio. There's no obvious way to connect a Firewire device. I'm sure Firewire is nice and fast, but as I've said before this product should be OS independent, and use HTTP and be done with it.

Mark adds: "You will also need (if you don't already have one) a 6 to 4 pin Firewire cable - the Macs use 6 pin and (Sony's Firewire) uses 4 pin. The one that came with the iPod is a 6pin-6pin (will work with your Cube if you could boot it)."

Erik Wrenholt: Apple, Please Open up the iPod API.

Where we'll pick up 

Another BTW, the little technical excursion this morning was grrrreat for my state of mind. Perhaps next I'll pop the stack and get the weblog outliner tool ready for a private beta. Before the break, I had it working for Blogger, Movable Type and Radio. I wonder if any Manila developers would like to volunteer to do a MetaWeblog API implementation for Manila? That would make this new tool work better.


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