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DaveNet: Our Deal with Salon.  

Survey: Are we at a market bottom? 

WorldCom Magazine has a great article on blogging. 

Rob Fahrni, who works for Microsoft, asks an interesting question. Answer: Any time. Tomorrow? Let's get Steve and John talking.  

Scott Rosenberg is a NBB. (Natural Born Blogger.) 

Shane Michaelson wants web services for eBay. 

I just had the weirdest (nice) experience this afternoon. I went out for my daily walk. I'm up to 45 minutes now. A big SUV stops and I'm greeted by a smiling man. It's my cardiologist. He says "We always check up on our patients." Heh. Of course it was just a coincidence. I love my daily walks. At the beginning they're hard and painful. By the end I'm feeling just great. Another fifteen minutes and I'm exercising the amount I want to, and then it's time to up the speed and distance. 

Evan Williams: "I'm at my wits end trying to keep my life and business and web sites minimally functioning." 

BTW, a note to the wiener boys. Check out Evan's post congratulating us and Salon on the deal. He sees it as a win for the weblog world, and I do too. A few people have tried to stir up shit betw us and Pyra, but it's never existed. I like Evan, we've always gotten along, at a personal level, and that's been going on for a long time, and I don't see it stopping any time soon. 

News.Com quotes Microsoft's Bill Gates saying that .NET hasn't achieved the goals they set two years ago.  

Reuters: "Investors rummaged through the wreckage left by the financial storm that has hit Wall Street in recent weeks, looking for bargain stocks after the market was slammed to five-year lows." The Dow closed up 488. 

BBC: "Biggest one day gain in almost 15 years." 

I guess the market likes the deal we did with Salon!  

AP: "AOL disclosed that the SEC was looking into a series of transactions that boosted the company's revenues." 

Sean Gallagher: "I tried the other day to explain what web services were to a non-technical friend. His eyes wandered. He grew distracted. A shiny object captured his attention. I gave up." Uh huh. 

The BlogRoots authors are publishing their book on the Web, in its entirety. Chapter 8, Using Blogs in Business, is online now. Excellent. 

Warren Buffet: "CEO's don't need 'independent' directors, oversight committees or auditors absolutely free of conflicts of interest. They simply need to do what's right." 

Glenn Reynolds: "Dude, I'm gettin' screwed." 

Press release: "Salon Media Group, in partnership with UserLand Software, today announced the launch of Salon Blogs, a new service that will allow Salon's users to publish their own weblogs through Salon." 

Scott Rosenberg: "One reason I'm glad Salon and UserLand are working together is that, from what I can see, both are independent companies, survivors in fields dominated by unresponsive giants, and both are driven foremost by passion -- on Salon's part, for good online journalism, and on UserLand's part, for great software." Amen. 

Liz: "Weblog. SalonWeblog. The mind boggles, so it does." 

News.Com: "Congress is about to consider an entertainment industry proposal that would authorize copyright holders to disable PCs used for illicit file trading." 

Beau Lebens did something obvious that no one else thought of -- he put a REST-style interface on the Google API. Heh. 

A reminder that KDE supports XML-RPC, and was on board very early in the process. Since then I have become friends with the ever-present and effervescent Miguel de Icaza of Gnome, who is driving a lot of open source resources behind Microsoft's new operating system. KDE may not have a champion like Miguel, but their heart is in the right place. Thanks for the support. 

Gerd Kortuem of the Wearable Computing Lab at the Univ of Oregon writes: "You might be interested to know that the regular Scripting News mailing I receive are classified as spam by SpamAssassin, an Unix-based spam mail filter." Thanks. 

John, Jake and Lawrence: This is going to be a FAQ.  

People with good hearts 

About a year ago talking with John Robb I lamented that I get so much hate mail. John said "Dave you're a rock star." I didn't like that answer, but he was right. With thousands of readers, there are a couple of dozen who think I write just for them, and they hate me and what I say, and express it constantly and in great volume. But when I got sick, I learned a lot, not just about myself and people who were friends, but people who had been my most vocal and at times unfair and abusive critics.

I said to one of my detractors, in a private email, after he expressed concern on my return from the hospital: "Life matters, right?" and he agreed. He probably would have been one of the people to join the latest Dave-bash-fest over on Queso, in normal times, but he didn't participate this time around. These are the silent signs of progress, worth noting. The person knows who he is, and presumably will read this. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. If you'd like to acknowledge this on your weblog, I'd be happy to point to it.

There are other signs of people with good hearts. I am glad to see people put their animus aside. That's how we heal. Let's agree that life is more important than anything, without it there's nothing to discuss, no progress can be made.

Being kind to each other doesn't have to interfere with being true to ourselves; please let's do the extra work to find out where the anger is coming from, and try not to be angry at someone, esp not me. It's okay to have anger, just don't direct it at anything or anyone, that's a better way to go. Nobody's perfect, especially not me. So if you find an imperfection, try to love it. I'm not your father or mother, sister or brother, you don't know me very well. Express yourself, but keep a respectful distance, and all will be well.

Finally there's a myth that men are strong, we can take it. Well, I learned in a new way in June that that isn't true. My body came close to breaking, but thankfully it didn't. I got another chance. I'm not going to waste my remaining time arguing with a small number of selfish people. I have love to give for people who want to heal themselves. But for people who want to hurt me, I have nothing more to give.


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