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DaveNet: Hollywood wants the right to hack your computer 

AP: Stocks Close Up With Solid Advance

Bing! We got lucky. Ed Cone lives in North Carolina's 6th District. I think once I'm fully recovered, I'm going to devote myself to working with Ed, and people in the San Fernando Valley, to correct the problem in Washington. I gotta believe we can eliminate one or two Congressmen to make the point that computer users can't be taken for granted. Can we raise $5 million for this? It would be worth it.  

Donald Larson suggested a name for our $5 million campaign group. iVote. It's cute. iDoVote. Believe me, that scares politicians. Wear a button saying you vote and they fucking listen. I kid you not. 

BTW, I did my 1-hour walk today. And I went for the gusto. I got to the turning point where if I turn left I go up three hills in succession. It was those three hills that got me into the hospital and under the knife in June. Today I did them. No pain, no shortness of breath. Just a sweaty strong body. Man do I feel good!! 

A picture named berman.gifQuestions questions questions. Can a small record label run a virus too, or just the monopolies? How about a software company? How about the Department of Justice? Can they install a virus on our systems to look for terrorism and report it back to the FBI? Do you think that would be constitutional? What if there's a conflict betw a record label's virus and a car dealer's virus, which one survives? Can a record label rent space in its virus to do someone else's bidding? Could they put an advertisement in their virus? Can I go to the bathroom while a virus is running? What information on my hard disk is private? What if I record my own MP3, can they erase that? Who pays for the bandwidth the virus uses? Does their virus have an implicit shrinkwrap agreement? Can Symantec defend against Hollywood's virus? Could an irate user write a virus that seeks out Michael Eisner's computer and destroys his data? What about Jack Valenti's computer? Hillary Rosen? Can we read their data? Do we have any privacy remaining after this law is passed? 

Howard Berman: "I rise today to introduce legislation that will help stop peer-to-peer piracy." I rise in response to say you really stepped in it Berman. Everybody knows that viruses are bad. Welcome to the next Enron-level scandal. Maybe we can clean up Congress in November, if so, you're going to be the poster boy Howard. 

The Register says that the MPAA's Jack Valenti is hedging on the Berman bill. "Somehow, Valenti failed to impress on the over-eager Berman's mind that this legislation is for media giants only." 

Amy Wohl: "This is yet another example of corrupt politicians, paid by wealthy constituents to enact unfair laws." 

Do you live in California's 26th Congressional District? Or do you live in North Carolina's 6th District? Florida's 19th District? 

Eric Norlin: "Palladium can prevent the Bill that this DaveNet is disgusted with." So can voters taking responsibility for their Representatives. We don't have to trust Bill Gates to prevent this Bill. We can just vote the bastards out of office. Every member of the House is up for re-election in three months.  

Dave Cullen: "Three different leads I wrote for the same story, published on the NYT op-ed page June 15. You tell me which one you prefer." 

A picture named marthaThumb.gifDoc: "I'll be speaking in Dave's slot." Good choice. Doc's going to talk about the philosophy we share -- Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. This is, as Martha Stewart says, A Good Thing. I only wish the US Congress could get behind that. Otherwise we're going to have to kill a lot of companies in Hollywood, and vote a lot of openly corrupt bums out of office. It ain't going to be pretty. By the way, that's our right as consumers and citizens. We're allowed to invoke the death penalty at a corporate and congressional level. The question is, do we have the courage to do it. (They're betting we don't.) 

Kevin Werbach: "Anyone know of a good change notification tools that still exists?" 

Christian Science: The Web didn't kill libraries. Cool! 

Happy 59th birthday to Mick Jagger! 

Today's song: Mother's Little Helper. "'Mother needs something today, to calm her down; and though she's not really ill, there's a little yellow pill.." 

A picture named gunTotinSaddam.gifAP: "Rep. Howard L. Berman, D-Calif., formally proposed legislation that would give the industry unprecedented new authority to secretly hack into consumers' computers or knock them off-line entirely if they are caught downloading copyrighted material." If this bill becomes law I'm going to join Saddam Hussein in calling for the destruction of the United States. 

Bonus song: "If I had me a shotgun, I'd blow you straight to Hell." 

A brief editorial. Commercial radio sucks. I want to program my own music. I am not a pirate. Fuck you. I've bought all the music I use, first on vinyl, then on cassette, then on CD. I'll pay again. PS: I vote. 

Russell Beattie: "Would you like to do some AudioBlogging?" 

Mary Wehmeier has a list of radio stations silenced by CARP. It's a very lonnnng list.  

My representative: Eshoo. Senators: Feinstein, Boxer

Dear asshole 

Pet peeve. People who send emails to people quitting smoking that explain how hard it is to quit, and how in all likelihood, you'll fail. These people are total assholes. Even worse, they're lying. Don't believe them. When you get such an email send them an email back with a pointer to this post.

Dear asshole. Stop discouraging my friend. He (or she) is quitting smoking in order to live a longer, happier life. I totally support that. Your bullshit is interfering. Please stop now and have a nice day.

It's easy to quit. The first week it's physical, after that, it's all in your mind. When you want a cigarette, acknowledge that. "My mind is telling me that it wants a cigarette." Breathe. In and out. Again and again. Walk around. Drink some water. Chew on pen. Breathe. The desire passes. Resume your life. You can do it.

BTW, this is a non-smoking weblog since June 14, 2002.

42 days!


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