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Eric Albert outlines a very reasonable plan for political action re Internet users' rights and the Berman bill. This is exactly the kind of input this political neophyte needs. Thanks! 

Another kickass 1-hour walk today. This time I pushed for more vigor, it didn't hurt. Took the iPod with me, the tunes were very excellent. Thanks to the community for the gift. Now it's really making a diff.  

Thanks to Phil Windley for posting this feature request from the bulletin-board at OSCON. Working on it.  

A NY Times weblog article by Glenn Fleishman that I missed due to surgery.  

Ernie the Attorney: "The copyright owner has to notify the Department of Justice 7 days in advance of taking action." 

New to the blogging ecosystem, I'm a Crawly Amphibian, with 31 points, whatever that means. I'm going to learn about this now. I get it. It's like the Weblogs.Com Top-100, with InstaPundit's and VodkaPundit's blogrolls as the starting point. Nick Denton is an Adorable Little Rodent. Heh. Doc Searls is a Marauding Marsupial. It's interesting, because it's only one of several ecosystems. In their world I'm Hard To Get. I assume this means I don't point to many of the sites in their world. In my original ecosystem I bet I'm a total Link Slut.  

Here's an idea we have to implement on Weblogs.Com. 

Sheila: "I've been an ex-smoker since April 12, 1997." 1932 days. 

Radio Free Blogistan has a bunch of stuff yesterday and today comparing Radio, LiveJournal and Movable Type. 

I just read on David Watson's weblog that he was having trouble editing the templates for his Radio weblog using the browser form. Perhaps he didn't know that you can edit the templates in any text editor. Open the www sub-folder of the Radio folder, and look for #template.txt. Open it in your favorite editor, make a change, save, refresh your desktop website home page in the browser. If you don't like what you see, bring the editor to the front, choose Undo, save, refresh. The browser interface is there for newbies and for light tweaks. For serious template work, use a real text editor, you won't be sorry. Screen shot

Slate: "Until recently, it's been difficult for a computer to ask a Web site for information." 

Ed Cone: "Howard Berman, the other sponsor, also appears to be running unopposed." 

Roland Piquepaille: "Peek-a-Booty allows people in Beijing to surf the Web freely." 

A picture named safire.gifIn the Sunday NY Times, William Safire explains "blog." This takes the concept to a high level of acceptance in the English language (at least American English). I've been here before. In the 80s, with my brother, we got credit for "laptop" from Safire, but told the researcher that the word was already in use in the industry when we wrote about laptops in Byte in 1982 or so. I learned then that Safire is the authority on American English. So blog is now a very real word. It will be in the Oxford English Dictionary, and Safire has written it up. We all did something real. Jorn Barger, Blogger, the Frontier community. Congrats to one and all! 

Jorn Barger: "Everyone should keep a weblog, if they have any interest in sharing their opinions with others." Amen. 

Peter Merholz: "Does anyone know of any printed references to 'blog' in 1999 that discuss its coinage?" 

A picture named redstone.gifMary Wehmeier is going to a picnic in the San Fernando Valley this weekend, with a bunch of people who work in the entertainment industry in Howard Berman's congressional district. She points out something that's visible on the map of Berman's district --> a lot of the big entertainment companies are there. Of course, that's why he's their water boy! But the voters are the people who work at the companies. If they think their bosses are screwing the Internet here's the chance to send a message to Michael Eisner and Sumner Redstone. Feel powerless? If you're a voter in the San Fernando Valley, you aren't. 

The San Fernando Library may prove a good resource for information about Berman's district.  

Doc Searls comes from Coble's district in North Carolina.  

Zappa: "Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?" 

Prince: "Ha, toy, I don't serve ribs." 


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