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Apparently the NY Mets couldn't find a way to compromise with some of the team's most dedicated fans. A sad day for New York baseball. What would Mookie say?? 

Salon: "Listen's $10-per-month Rhapsody service has a fantastic interface, and, since it has content from all five labels, you can find much of what you'd like on it. You can listen to any song as often as you'd like -- an option that gives a taste of what a perfect subscription service would feel like. The only trouble is, Listen won't let you burn -- and, as one file trader asked, 'Who wants to be stuck listening to shit at their computer?'"  

Martin Schwimmer, a trademark attorney and Mets fan, weighs in on Bryan Hoch's MetsOnline situation

Joel Klein, Microsoft's chief prosecutor in the Clinton Administration, is named chancellor of New York's public school system. 

It's been one week since Salon's blogs booted up. Scott Rosenberg posts a progress report.  

FarrFeed: "I love this stuff." 

I know this isn't big news for most of you, but I'm no longer the first Dave on Google. Maybe someday I will be, again. :-( 

Well, yesterday I went for my 30-day post op review (it was actually 38 days after I was discharged) and there was good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm healing quickly. My body is very strong and doing really well. My blood pressure is great. Heart rate is great. Cholesterol needs work and I have to lose a bunch of weight, and of course I can't smoke. Now the bad news. I have to be a saint for the rest of my life. I knew this day was coming. As I start to feel better, I want to relax. That ain't going to happen. Oy. Here's my old theme song. "Don't ask me to be Mister Clean, cause baby I don't know how." I need a new song. Oh mama.  

Ed Cone's got the blogging bug: "I filed my N&R column about the bad proposed corporate hacking bill. It will run on Sunday -- it's an early deadline no matter what, but after blogging for a few months it's almost painful to wait so long. I feel like just posting it now, or scooping myself with the best parts....but patience is a virtue." Hehe. 

Historian Stephen Ambrose, who is interviewed on the PBS News Hour today: "You can do whatever the hell you want. Who's going to criticize you? And if they do, what the hell do you care?"  

Radio Free Blogistan: Blogger vs Radio

Reuters: "Stocks briefly extended their losses in late morning trading on Tuesday, biting into Monday's monster rally." 

A picture named bryanHoch.gifThanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link to As a Mets fan since 1962, I think it's great that sites like this exist and are flourishing. Like Bryan Hoch, the webmaster, I also run websites as a labor of love, and know there isn't generally a whole lot of money left over after you pay for bandwidth. I totally believe Hoch, a college student, when he says he isn't making money. The site clearly disclaims that it is not representative of the Mets or Major League Baseball. If you go deeper you see that Hoch contributed his time for free to help the Mets improve their own site, before all sites were taken over by MLB in 2001 (what a bad idea, why can't teams differentiate themselves based on the quality of their community sites). Now of course there's another side to it, so let's keep an open mind. But to the owners of the Mets, please remember, it's the fans that make it work, and it's pretty clear that this website is from the fans, for the fans and the team, and that's a good thing. 

Postscript: I've been emailing with Bryan, and asked if the local NY press has taken up his cause. He says: "Not yet. You can help by calling any one of the major metro papers (Post, Daily News, Times, Newsday)." More.. Ernie the Attorney is looking into this. "LSU Law School is suing one of its students for trademark infringement over a website that he maintains. The site is called, and it includes a school calendar, law-related links and comments by Douglas Dorhauer, some of them critical of the law school." 

Bret Fausett, yesterday: "It's hard to imagine a more complete win than what ICANN Director Karl Auerbach received today from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dzintra Janavs." 

James Jarrett wonders where is his blog flow? 

Mark Crane writes: "Woke up early the other morning, and started listening to a BBC special on the Silicon Valley. Suddenly I heard the voice of Dave Winer, and he sounded like this mellow California hippy-geek. You should do a DaveNet that is just a stream of you reading the essay. Hearing the Dave voice totally changed my perceptions of the Dave Winer experience." It's true, I have a pretty soft voice. I laugh a lot too. Many people are surprised.  

OSCON, last week, has done its job and stirred the embers of the Great Open Source Debate of the 1990s. I found myself writing in an email yesterday: "Very little really usable software has come from people who are willing to work for $0. (I chose my words carefully, infrastructure is another matter entirely.) Further, it's weird to say, as Richard Stallman does, that by coercing programmers to work for $0 that that's freedom. To me it seems obvious that that's slavery."  

Washington Post: "Operated for years by Internet addressing giant VeriSign Inc., dot-org is slated to get a new landlord in October when VeriSign relinquishes its hold on the domain." 

Two years ago on this day: "The best standard is the one with the most users." 

Ponder yesterday's riddle. Then click on the solution.  


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