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Jon Udell just sent me a really sweet message. He said "Such interesting times. Glad you're still here with us to see them!" Amen to that. I think it was ordained to be. Then John Robb sent me a message saying we had closed another big deal. Okey dokey. And I'm going to dinner tonight with an old friend, and on Tuesday with an even older friend and on Weds I'm going to see Bowie with Woz and the Scoble Boys. Life is good. I'm glad I'm still here too.  

Ed Cone: "I spoke today with Ed McDonald, chief of staff for Howard Coble." Ed also asks people to send emails to Rep Coble, but requests that the emails not be personal or accusational. He says that Coble won't respond well if the emails are abusive, and I trust Ed, and agree. If you're looking for ideas, start in the Sears & Kmart section of yesterday's DaveNet.  

Megnut: Blogging for Dollars. Interesting piece. I don't think she nails it though. I want to see weblogs from CEOs and Members of Parliament, people who are responsible, who aren't mouthpieces. I know they can't write, but in the future they will. A hired blogger inside a company is always going to be subject to pressures. It's kind of like hiring an ad agency to write your weblog. Hmm. I'm a Cluetrain guy, I want the head honcho to talk to me, and everyone else. If they do it as a sideline, as the Macromedia bloggers do, a labor of love, somehow I trust that more than if maintaining a weblog is their job. Now, that said, of course there will be professional bloggers, just like there are professional everythings. To me that would be like saying there will be professional word processor users. Hard to argue with. Comments

Mark Paschal: Stapler 2.2.1

Davezilla meets Godzilla. 

Zeldman: "Attorneys. Canít shoot íem, canít beat íem with a tire iron and dump the bodies in an abandoned cornfield." 

Nick Denton: "Oh no, the corporate wordmanglers have got hold of blogging." 

On BlogRoots, a place to comment on or ask questions about Traction Software's $249 blogging tool.  

BusinessWeek: "When Macromedia puchased Allaire, the Web software outfit gambled that two negatives would make a plus. Well, 17 months later, they haven't " 

Ed Cone: "When I got in I found a message on the machine from Rep. Howard Coble." Bing! 

Hey hey hey, Paolo is opening his store. Here's the intro. Maybe I'll do a couple of tools, just for a little Tuesday lunch money, and to help bootstrap Paolo's store.  

Mary Lu: "I'm in love!" 

Ray Ozzie on why weblogs are good for discourse. Yes. Flames don't attract. New ideas do. Weblogs can have a high signal-to-noise ratio. Powerful statements are possible in this medium, where powerlessness rules in discussion fora. In this medium everyone can have the last word. 

Jon Udell: "Ray Ozzie's sudden and dramatic appearance in blogspace has got a lot of people thinking about a lot of things." 

Groove is moving fast. They now have a list of Groove bloggers, and include a short blogroll of others, including this site. Thank you. 

Dan Gillmor: Steve's and Ray's New Blogs

Bob: "Reminds me of the BBS days when everyone helped everyone." 

News.Com: "Open-source software advocates will unfurl a legislative proposal next week to prohibit the state of California from buying software from Microsoft or any other company that doesn't open its source code and licensing policies." 

Capsule summary of my opinion on the above. They're out of their minds. Open source needs commercial developers to finish the job they start. Open source is very good for infrastructure, very bad for sweating the user interface details. People have to be paid real hard cold cash to work for users at that level. No one volunteers for that kind of work, and rightly so, because it's pretty thankless stuff, and explains why most open source stuff is so unusable. It's real work to get stuff usable. Lots of looping, trial and error. 

NY Times: "Pet food stores weren't the killer app for the Web, but peer-reviewed scholarly journals might be." 

Rogers Cadenhead: "The lead of Markoff's article is incorrect. Sun has been offering Linux-based server appliances such as the Qube since it bought Cobalt in September 2000." 

Thanks to genehack for the link to The Time Travel Fund. Well worth a read, if not a deposit. Give them $10 now, and in 500 years, they pay to transport you to the future from your deathbed. Think about it.  


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