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A note of appreciation to the people at O'Reilly. 

Ed Cone: "If Coble's office is going to stonewall.." 

A picture named coble.gifSurvey: Does the RIAA own Howard Coble? Some have suggested a missing survey choice, that Coble and his people do not understand the user-level issue, and are representing the interests of the RIAA, not the voters of North Carolina. I added that as a third choice on the survey. You can change your vote if you like. No matter what, the RIAA should pay attention. In an important locality, we've got a leading newspaper on our side. This process could eventually lead to representation in Washington for computer users. And watch out Mr. Coble, you're running unopposed this time, but I bet a lot of your constituents used Napster, and use other file sharing software today. You can't go against them forever and expect to be re-elected.  

The history of David Weinberger's face. 

Wes Felter: "Jaguar is one fast cat." 

Sheila Lennon remembers the beginning of Woodstock, 33 years ago today. 

The SEC lists the statements from CEOs and CFOs. 

Internet News: "New York-based ActiveBuddy has won a crucial patent covering instant messaging bot-making technology, but hobbyists and amateur developers aren't buying the company's claim that it invented the technology." 

Radio Free Blogistan compares Radio UserLand and Movable Type. No mention of Radio's news aggregator. That's how multi-author weblogs work. Also no mention of shortcuts. The CMS in Radio is the same CMS as in Manila. You don't have to buy a license for Manila to run a Manila site, you can purchase Manila hosting at Weblogger.Com, and other places. And while I suppose UI is a matter of taste, we worked very hard to get all of Radio's functionality to flow through the Radio menu, where Movable Type spreads less functionality across several screens. In Radio, all the functionality is arrayed for you in one place at the top of every page. It means less hunting, and quicker navigation. One more thing, while macros are a relatively recent innovation in MT-Land, they're built in to Radio. Radio is the result of constant development in weblog software since 1996. The depth is there for you to use.  

Dan Hartung asks if you blog using your real name. 

Thanks to Sam Ruby for introducing Sanjiva Weerawarana to the world of weblogs. Sanjiva was one of the first IBM guys to work on SOAP. I met him at the W3C annual meeting in Amsterdam in May 2000. Welcome! 

Ray Ozzie: "Things began to spiral out of control. In a good way!" 

A picture named busta.gifWent to Shoreline in Mountain View last night, with Steve Wozniak (Apple founder), his friends, and Robert Scoble and his son Patrick. Saw two acts -- David Bowie and Busta Rhymes. I wanted to see Bowie, but he was really dowdy and uninteresting. Only a couple of real rockers. Busta was fan-tas-tic. Young and innovative, energetic, great dance music. 

Woz is lookin good. We talked about the Internet music clampdown. We hadn't talked about music since Y2K, the heyday of Napster. He said something smart. If the govt wanted to stop spam, they could. He's probably right. Government of the people, by the people and for the people, has perished from the earth. Now the govt is for Hillary Rosen and Jack Valenti. Taxation without representation. 

A note of appreciation 

A picture named flowers.gifA few days after returning from the hospital, a delivery man brought a huge bouquet of absolutely gorgeous flowers. Opening the card, I found it was from "The gang at O'Reilly." I sent a note to Tim, thanking him for the excellent symbol of friendship and goodwill, and asking him to pass my appreciation on.

It's now over seven weeks since I've returned, I'm still mending, my energy is much better (walking a consistent 40 minutes a day), the pain is receding, and today I got a very sweet get well card in the mail, again, from O'Reilly, signed by a dozen people, including Tim and Dale, each with a personal message, all of them very beautiful and generous. My scanner is broken or I'd scan the card for you all to see.

So I want to thank the folks at O'Reilly for their big open and generous hearts. Last year they had a loss of one of their own, Frank Willison, due to heart disease. On the day it happened, the Web stopped to notice. This is a place where real people work, and express themselves, where they live, and love, and sometimes get sick, and eventually, die. Tim said something very poignant in memory of Willison, "Of all of us at O'Reilly, Frank is the one we'd most have imagined growing old and grandfatherly, dispensing to successive generations the wisdom, humor and caring that he shared with all of us." It's very clear that Willison was much-loved at O'Reilly, and that their lives were enriched by knowing him, and that his loss was a great one for them.

Well, my doctors say I'm going to be okay, if I clean up my act, which I'm doing. I've quit smoking, I'm exercising every day, and I'm not in any hurry to get back into super-stress mode, developing on the Internet. I hope to be around for another twenty, thirty maybe even forty years, making trouble, digging holes, filling them in, and having fun with y'all.

Thanks to the gang at O'Reilly for being such good friends.

Dave Winer


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