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News.Com: "The US Department of Justice is prepared to begin prosecuting peer-to-peer pirates, a top government official said on Tuesday." 

Really interesting discussion at Tara Sue's weblog.  

Mark Pilgrim: "I want to buy Busted Stuff, the new CD from Dave Matthews Band, but I find myself hesitating because I donít know if itís copy-protected." 

News.Com: "File-swapping company StreamCast Networks released a long-awaited new version of its Morpheus software Tuesday, in a bid to recapture its once-unrivaled online popularity." 

Ed Cone: "She is the first candidate for US Congress to have a Weblog, and that alone is noteworthy." 

I've had the same dream that John Robb describes. (I also smoke every damned night in my dreams. Always sneaking a puff or two, and explaining myself, sheepishly.) 

Joe Gregorio's weblog is impossible for me to read.  

Ernie the Attorney is trying to figure out what we're talking about. "I'm just a lawyer who handles mostly commercial disputes, but to me the current patent law and copyright law system is clearly out of whack." 

Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit fame is also a law school professor, and has written a paper on patent and copyright. I haven't read it yet, but I will. Thanks. 

A picture named garbo.gifHad an interesting phone talk with David P Reed this morning, following a talk with Eric Norlin yesterday. I think there was a disconnect with Reed, I am open to supporting and working with Lessig, but we need clarification and possibly a discussion with the professor on his position re copyrights for software. I'm not planning on budging, and it's possible there's a misunderstanding. I can't make software work without the right to copyright my creations. Also want to note that I met with the Creative Commons people at Stanford on Friday, it was cordial, and I'm planning on helping them. That's independent of the discussion about Lessig's views on software copyright. The talk with Norlin was on-topic, he says "I hesitatingly raise the idea that the Net is not a commons (in most aspects), and Dave agrees!" I actually quoted Nick Denton, who says that when the Net works as a collaborative environment, it's very capitalistic. Weblogs, because they are not shared spaces, are like capitalism. Mail lists, where the proletariat rule, are communist. A recurring theme, like Ninotchka, we're finding (some of us) that love is in champagne and evening clothes, not in five-year plans and open source. 

Tara Sue Grubb has her own weblog now. Progress. 

I think Don Box is cutting us a new one (not uncommon) but Simon Fell and Sam Ruby conspire (apparently) to return the favor. Catch all the chuckles on Sam's blog. (You have to be at least a partial XML geek to get it.)  

InfoWorld: "ICANN weighed in with its choice on who should run the .org domain name registry Monday, tapping the Internet Society in Reston, Virginia." 

This is so beautiful and symmetric. An ISP is banning the RIAA from its network. Now, let's all of us think of ways we can erase the RIAA from our lives. This could get interesting. 

Ray Ozzie: "Over the past week, I've been inundated with email from Notes customers and partners who are clearly feeling some pain, in search of answers, and wondering if Groove can play a role." 

Wow, I gotta admit to being impressed with the surprise that Evan had cooking up. A deal with a major media company in South America of all places. Blogger Brasil. I like the sound of that. Hey what's the Portuguese word for Ooops? I tried to create a new site, and got this error page. Still diggin?  

Aha, this wasn't news. It was reported on June 17, which happens to be the day I had my surgery. No wonder I missed it. Damn. I should have told the surgeons to wake me up if something important was announced. 

Happy 70th birthday to my mom. And many happy returns. 

Happy wedding day to Andre and Andrea. And many spicy noodles!  


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