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Sarah Deutsch, chief counsel for Verizon: "We oppose the Berman bill. It's very troubling in that it essentially permits one particular segment of the US industry to engage in vigilantism on the Internet." 

Steve Gillmor: "Notes is dead." 

Don Park has a weblog. Don and I worked together in the late 80s. I don't remember how we met, but I asked if he could hack IPC into the pre-System 7 Mac OS, and he said yes, and did it. I put an API on top of it, wrote some docs and sample apps, and thus was born UserLand IAC Toolkit, an ancient forerunner to Apple Events, XML-RPC and SOAP. 

Today's song: "The mystery man came over and he said 'I'm outta sight.' He said for a nominal service charge I could reach nirvana tonight. If I was ready, willing and able to pay him his regular fee, he would drop all the rest of his pressing affairs and devote his attention to me." 

CamWorld: "I leave for Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in Russia in one week." Wow. 

News.Com: "More than 100,000 copies of Apple Computer's OS X 10.2 operating system were sold worldwide during its first weekend, the company said." 

Apple's Ken Bereskin is pitching new Jaguar features one at a time on his weblog.  

John Robb: "Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rajesh Jain, the CEO of India's Emergic." 

Tara Sue gets a mention in USA Today. Screen shot

David Reed discusses Howard Coble's editorial in rebuttal to Ed Cone. He sees contradictions and double-talk. It's interesting, because of his chairmanship of the key House subcommittee overseeing the Internet, Coble is not only accountable to the voters of North Carolina, the citizens of the United States have a special interest in his opinions and thought process. Reed says something that's been much on my mind, something I'd love to hear Coble comment on. "Copyright holders can sue under the existing laws. Why create new rights of poorly restrained vigilantism?" 

A picture named junebug.gifLittle-known fact: Tara Sue's daughter, shown in almost every picture, is named June Bug. I've seen a bunch of comments on various websites saying she's not a very good candidate, and I'm sure people are saying that because the website is just getting started. I've spent a few hours on the phone getting to know her, and I think she is a very fine human being. I can't imagine her selling out the way Coble obviously has. I don't know why people like Coble bother running for elected office, they don't seem to have anything important that they want to do. Tara Sue is different. She wants to do something positive with her life. She does have something to say. You will be able to connect the dots. I don't have any doubts about that. And I know cynics think that's double-talk, and that's fine, it's a great country because everyone is entitled to an opinion. I'm sure as the weeks go by between now and Election Day we'll get a chance to learn more. Right now her website has a small amount of information about her. If she wants to expand that, the software will accomodate. 

I wonder if someone can answer a simple question, without being insulting. Here's the question. Why is RSS 1.0 called RSS? Please state your opinion, if you have one. (BTW, if you don't understand that question, that's okay. Instead, send me an email saying what RSS is.) 

Lance Knobel discusses a Guardian interview with Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks. This caught my eye because there are a couple of people with the same name floating around the US computer industry. One is a co-author of Lotus 1-2-3, and the other was an editor of InfoWorld who went on to be a top exec at AOL, retired, and is probably worth a couple of billion dollars. I guess it's a common name for talented Jewish people! ;-> 

Another early Lotus person, Bob Ramsdell, has disappeared from the face of the earth. He's a Googlewhack. He had a bad heart then, he was looking for a transplant in the mid-80s. I hate to jinx it, he's probably alive and kicking butt somewhere, just out of sight of the Web. I ran into one of his friends a couple of years ago and asked what had become of Bob, and she didn't know. 

I sorta guessed that Raines Cohen would know the answer. Bob died in February 2000. I'm sorry I didn't think to ask sooner. He lasted a long time for a guy who was so sick. Raines writes from Burning Man. "I remember Bob well from the Micro Finance Systems/Lotus days, I was a junior high school summer intern down in the basement in Central Square, working in 1980 on Apple II development of Executive Briefing System, little known as Lotus's first product. I also remember meeting your brother there and doing netadmin work, installing a Microsoft CP/M card in an Apple II in order to support characters needed for the programming language for 1-2-3)." That's funny. I didn't know my brother made the pilgrimage. Thanks to Google all this stuff will be recorded, and Bob Ramsdell, Raines, Lotus and my brother will be forever connected. Cool. One more thing. Raines says Bob's son Blake is following in his father's footsteps. And, of course, he has a weblog



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