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Today the BBC announced that they are providing RSS feeds that can be used with all the popular news aggregators including our own Radio UserLand.  

Adrian Holovaty did some digging and found 15 more BBC feeds. Not sure if we're supposed to know about these.  

Survey: How are you doing? 

Windley says warflying is like wardriving, with an airplane. 

Werblog: "I find the fact that 900,000 people were still launching Napster a year after it shut down more remarkable than the peak usage numbers. Talk about touching a nerve!" 

This is why I love Don Park. "Here is my advice to Dave: please don't be reasonable. RSS 1.0 happened because everyone was reasonable. Help us and be unreasonable. Protect RSS with unreasonable hardass extremist attitude." I'm not sure exactly what he means, but I know he means well. Smart guy. Turns out he worked for Bruce Zweig at Lightning Software. I didn't know that. He's wrong about blogging software though. It only looks like you could write it in a weekend. The part that makes it take so long is to make it so simple people like Don think they could write it in a weekend.  

Andrew Sullivan and Kurt Andersen review Blood's blog books in Slate. "Like year-rounders in a seaside resort, they both need and mock the tourists." 

Ray Ozzie: "There is no question as to whether Apple or Microsoft or IBM or Lotus or Sun or Novell will have conflict with their ecosystem - they will, at some point, to some degree." 

As if that weren't enough, today is Adam Curry's 38th birthday. He's pissed off that he's getting older. Hey he's just a baby. 38. Why when I was 38 we walked to school with no shoes on in snow drifts. Oh wait. Wrong decade. 

John Robb put together a list of what he calls Professional News Feeds.  

AP: Baseball Cracks Down on Web Sites

Charles Nadeau has an NNTP to XML-RPC gateway in Perl. 

Seth Bokelman: RSS from a Reader's Perspective

RSS 0.94 comments: Mike Krus, Ziv Caspi, Eric Thauvin, Duncan Wilcox

Note: Part of being part of a collaborative work process is actually doing some work.  

Remembering Vignette 

Three years ago today: "My company, UserLand, has been working with Netscape and others on a reversal of the Vignette philosophy. Instead of being a flow concentrator, we propose to be flow distributors, with value flowing in the opposite direction, from the source of the content to the source of the click."

Now think about how the BBC and the NY Times are betting on the model we put up against Vignette three years ago. All you have to do is ask the Web where it wants to go and it tells you. Another quote. "Embrace the distributed nature of the web, and build businesses that profit from this. Otherwise it's like fighting City Hall, swimming upstream, or competing with Microsoft. Longterm you end up in jail, being eaten, or testifying in Washington."


A picture named victor.gifI loved this movie. Saw it last night for the first time ever, thanks to Turner Classic Movies and TiVO. I can't get the two songs out of my head. Le Jazz Hot and The Shady Dame from Seville. Julie Andrews. Who thought I'd ever ever love her. She plays a woman playing a man playing a woman (sometimes) and other times just playing a man. James Garner falls in love with her anyway, and who wouldn't. She sings so beautifully. And thanks to the TiVO, you can rewind endlessly to see various expressions and motions that Victor Victoria makes. Robert Preston is fantastic as the aging queen who befriends the star. If you haven't seen it get it. What a great happy fun movie.

Copyright and disclaimer 

Two years ago when I wrote the 0.91 spec, I took the copyright notice from the XML-RPC spec, and it provoked several scathing critiques and a minor shitstorm on the now defunct discussion group. Of course none of the critics read the actual copyright notice, because if they had, they would have seen that its purpose is to give you the right to take my words and use them in whatever way you like as long as you preserve the copyright notice. In other words, it's basically an open source spec. Like the GPL or the Apache license. Or any of the myriad licenses that Creative Commons is coming up with.

I borrowed the text for the XML-RPC copyright from the IETF. It's funny that no one has ever complained about the copyright when used for XML-RPC, but when it's used to describe RSS, well, that's another story I guess. (The copyright also disclaims ownership of the underlying format or protocol, a requirement a few XML-RPC developers had, which I thought was reasonable to also disclaim for RSS, even so some people insist that I think that I own it. They must have better lawyers than I, and deeper insight into my own true intentions.)

Anyway, today I got the first pushback in the 0.94 project about the copyright being too corporate. There's the problem with mail lists. People say such harsh things and never want to take them back when their own words make them look stupid. At least on a weblog when you say something brain dead, you can say oops right there for all to see. Been there, still there; as RageBoy likes to say.

Sincerely, The 800-Pound Gorilla


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