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A picture named napsterwasheretiny.gifWilliam Grosso is sending $25 to Tara Sue

Russ Lipton wonders if a book on Radio should be "produced on paper, as a linear .pdf file (with links), a weblog, a .root file or a combination of some/all?" 

Meryl Yourish cuts Andrew Sullivan a new you-know-what. 

Sullivan answered. Meryl is floored. 

Brett Glass critiques the EFF's Open Audio License. 

Hey I just got invited to attend this conference put on by the Harvard Business School, in Cupertino, of all places. What's up with that. Hey don't they know that's right down the street from Stanford. Hello. Oh I guess they probably do.  

Jon Udell: "It's encouraging to see Dave Winer's statement in favor of namespaces and modular extensibility in the RSS 0.94 roadmap. Will the RSS 1.0 camp offer an olive branch of its own? I hope so." 

A picture named estoniathumb.gifAnother issue to deal with for 0.94. Estonian is now in the list of allowable <language>s, with a hat tip to Peeter Marvet. The CIA has a page in its factbook on Estonia. "After centuries of Swedish and Russian rule, Estonia attained independence in 1918. Forcibly incorporated into the USSR in 1940, it regained its freedom in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union." 

Sam Ruby explains where he would take RSS if he were king of the world. Imho, he punts on the hard decisions, but maybe that's not so bad. Optional elements needn't get in anyone's way. He or someone else could write a BDG for RSS that began with "Here are the core elements you must support. If you're interested in going further, here's the spec that explains all the possible elements." The latter is the spec I've been working on. RSS 0.94 is really simple syndication. Nothing fancy to learn that there aren't good examples for. Perhaps there are a few dead-ends, it's almost five years old after all, ignore them, but you can't take em out because maybe someone is using them. Not sure what compatibility Sam is looking for. We're commited to version N files being N+1 files. We're commited to winding this down. RSS has been a battered spec, but it's stood the test of time. Very popular format. Too much debating

Strange dreams must be a feature of this time of year. Last night I dreamt I was hanging out in Scott McNealy's office and we were brainstorming the perfect blogger's workstation. I said let's call up Steve Jobs and ask him what he thinks. In my dream McNealy was very polite, thoughtful and intelligent. 

Thanks to Ed Cone for the pointer to this "debate" at the Cato Institute on the 19th in DC. Let's see, they're debating which technique works best for raping the Internet. Please blog this event if you're in Washington on the 19th. (Postscript: Matt Croydon will blog the event.) 

Let's have fun! Christian Crumlish critiques Andrew Sullivan critiquing Rebecca Blood. This goes back to an early weblog meme. Watching them watch us watching you or something like that. 

We're going to skip the instant messaging connection for 0.94. It looks too involved for this late stage. There's one more feature request I want to try to handle, it came from Mike Krus. He calls for a sub-element of channel that says "This is my Syndic8 id." I sent an email to Jeff Barr, the lead developer on Syndic8 asking what he thinks and he says it's a good idea. I wrote the spec. Here's how it works. The <category> element can now appear at the <channel> level. Make the domain "Syndic8" and set the value to your Syndic8 id. Waiting for feedback from Jeff and Mike. 

Chuck Shotton on instant messaging addresses as URLs. 

One more step down the road to oblivion for Napster. I suppose it's still not totally too late for the RIAA to come to its senses. 

Last year on this day I had a strange technical dream. "In a critical piece of code that's executed a lot, they found that C, the speed of light, was being saved, squared, then the code would execute, and before returning, the original value was restored." Wes offered a theory that might explain the phenomenon. 

On this day in 1997 Doc Searls wrote his world-famous ode to Steve Jobs. He totally nailed it. "Steve's art has always been first class, and priced accordingly." 

Last night I added two new elements to RSS 0.94 based on suggestions from Brent Simmons and Eric Thauvin. They're the top two items on the change notes page. Still grappling with a connection between RSS and instant messaging. Brent, who has written a widely hailed application aggregator for MaC OS X called NetNewsWire (it's a desktop app, not a browser app), suggested it, passing on a feature request from users of NNW. They want to right-click on a feed to chat with the editor of the feed. I like this feature because it's user-driven, and because I like working with Brent (he used to work at UserLand). But the problem is, according to Brent, who is researching it, there is no standard way to refer to an account on an instant messaging service. It's funny because we didn't know that when we did in Radio and Frontier, we just went ahead with this format: service://screenname/, and no one seemed to object (if they did we didn't hear from them). Anyway, maybe we'll figure it out. It would be nice to get a new feature that users like into the format. 


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