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Ed Cone: "Welcome to Guilford County, NC, the campaign weblog capital of the world." 

News.Com: "eBay, one of the biggest success stories on the Web, is being threatened with a patent infringement lawsuit that could force it to modify its winning auction format." 

Megnut's mom, who once was guest host on Meg's blog, has invented a new idea -- googlecooking. Meg says "My mother types whatever ingredients she has on hand into Google and then picks the most appealing recipe returned in the results." Smart! 

BBC: "Media freedom groups have criticised China for blocking access to the popular search engine Google." 

Good morning Oakland A's fans! More consecutive victories, 20, than any other American League team in history. Wow. That's cool.  

Interesting results from the How Are You Doing survey. The majority of people are Okay or Good. 

Adding namespaces to 0.94? 

A picture named lauren.gifI've been posting this question on various weblogs and in private emails. The question is this. Why not add language to the spec that says it's okay for an RSS feed to include elements not defined in the spec, and leave it at that. They can be in namespaces or not, at your pleasure. You can use a module that was originally designed to be included in RDF. Why not. You can design your own modules. After all, one of the promises of XML was that you would be able to do that. Haven't we waited long enough? Let a thousand flowers bloom.

Could peace possibly be that simple? Could RSS 0.94 be the format everyone agrees to go forward on? If not, how long would a 0.95 take to get in place?

My position is this. If there are no objections, I will go ahead and add the language to the spec, today or tomorrow. If there are objections, let's deploy 0.94 over the next few weeks, and try to understand and overcome the objections in the coming weeks, resulting in RSS 0.95. If someone wants to call that RSS 2.0, or Blue Cheese Syndication 1.0 or whatever, that's okay too. (Caesar Salad Syndication might be a cool name too.)

What do you think?

Lessons of 9-11 

A week from yesterday is the one year anniversary of you know what. I'm going to be speaking at Seybold in Moscone Center in San Francisco. Talking about Web Services and Publishing with people from Amazon, Apple, Google and my colleague Jake Savin from UserLand.

I was going to try to watch no TV related to the one year anniversary, but last night I saw there was a Frontline special on the spirituality of the event, and given that Frontline is so excellent, I had to give it a chance. It was very stimulating, both emotionally and intellectually. Well worth a watch.

A common theme -- what kind of God lets this happen. I answer that with another question. What kind of a country is so selfish that it doesn't see that 9-11 was tiniest big tragedy viewed from a global perspective. What about famine in Africa? What about AIDs? They wonder at the spiritual vision of a person who jumps from the World Trade Center to certain death, but don't wonder about the millions of people who do the same thing with tobacco? It's out of balance. We're out of balance. 9-11 was, imho, a small upheaval in getting to some kind of equilibrium in how the US participates in the world, both from the US perspective, and the world's perspective. That we got so much sympathy says how big the human heart is. That there wasn't more celebrating in the streets of world capitals says that they forgive us for our selfish attitude, which is back in force as if 9-11 never happened.

So what was the lesson of 9-11 that the US has failed to learn? I think it's that God doesn't think we're as important as we do. The concept of national security is obsolete. We can't close our borders. We live on this planet with everyone else. Global warming, AIDs, terrorism, all penetrate all borders. New York is a world city. The last gasps of isolationism will be snuffed out by more humiliation, until we get the truth, we aren't above the rest of the world, but we are part of it.


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