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A picture named fireball.gifLast year yesterday, Scripting News covered the events of the day. I recommend reading from the bottom up. The day began as any day on SN begins. A few nerdy links. Then I got an email from Bill Seitz. A plane just crashed into the WTC. A link to the Empire State Building webcam. Another plane crash. What?? More emails. Pictures. Confusion. One of the towers collapses. Comments from all over the world. Pictures live from the scene. A day when everyone was involved, no one was ambivalent. 

A picture named flagRaisingSmall.gifLast year on this day, we began to pick up the pieces, to figure out what had happened, and see what it meant to each of us. Thoughts from one year later are here. Over the next few days I will link back one year on the same day, allowing those who want to, to retrace the steps after 9-11-01. I plan to make time every day to review it, to click on the links, to re-experience the enormous growth, through the medium I love, the World Wide Web. 

Speaking of love for the Web, how would the Web be the Web if it didn't have adorable political humor. I got an email from JP Kang identifying the two Korean guys. "I'm pretty sure it's Kim Jong Il (North Korean leader) on the left and Kim Dae Jung (South Korean president) on the right." Funny. I thought they were television salesmen, the Korean versions of Crazy Eddie or Ron Popeil

Salon: Forbidden thoughts about 9/11

David Davies: "I got a phone call from the BBC asking if they could use my yellow VW Beetle for a programme shoot they had planned for Friday. Seems they called my local VW garage asking for a yellow Beetle and the garage put them on to me. The programme is called 'Doctors', a daytime soap. Never seen nor heard of it!" 

Le Weblog. France gets Radio hosting. In French. Next week. 

If you are a member of the LA Times website (I just joined) you may want to read this article about weblogs. It is not, imho, a reason to join the site. Tony Pierce reviews the article. "dear LA Times, hi. you suck." Blogroots has an item about this. If you hurry up you can still get the first post.  

Jeremy Allaire has a new weblog. Welcome! 

A picture named tony.gifTime-Warner Chairman Richard Parsons: "'If (AOL) is going to live, and I think it is, it will be somewhat like HBO,' the company's cable-television division. He added that AOL would need to schedule programming that people were willing to pay for." Does this strike you as weird? I thought AOL was an email and instant messaging service. Programming like HBO? I like the Sopranos and Six Feet Under. Great stuff. But what does that have to do with AOL? I must be missing something. 

Werblog: "Maybe I'm reading the tea leaves wrong, but I wonder what it means that Leonsis is stepping back into the fray?" 

Frontier 9 

A heads-up. Frontier 9 is now available. I'm not going to write about it until next week. I have not been in the loop on its development. Regular readers of this site will know that I'm still recovering from major surgery in June. A long road back. In the meantime, UserLand has not stood still, and that's good for my health and I think it will make our users happy, and that of course makes me feel good. Ooops, I guess I just did comment.


A milestone. This week was my first overnight outing away from home after the surgery. On Tuesday night I attended a dinner hosted by Jeff Ubois, with Brewster Kahle, Sally Richards, Brian Zisk, Sylvia Paull, John Gilmore, and about 30 other friendly souls from San Francisco. Checked in to the Argent Hotel, ran a panel at Seybold and participated in one. Took an hour walk through the Embarcadero in late afternoon, saw a crowd enter PacBell Park once and exit twice. This morning I expected to feel wiped. I don't. My very human body continues to impress.

Romantic Web 

Amazingly the flames over RSS 2.0 continue. There are so many ways around the acrimony. The flames aren't from passion, not from love, not from creativity, but from somewhere else I don't understand. I have a relaxing weekend planned. So instead of spending it arguing with tech people who are driven to create a Semantic Web, I'm going to indulge, in a personal Romantic Web. Maybe on Monday it will all be clear. Maybe Tuesday. In the meantime, I have a question that interests me, and maybe it interests you too..

Why be Semantic when you can be Romantic?


Good morning survivors of 9-11 and everything that's happened since. Glad to be back after a night and day of schmoozing in San Francisco.

Last year at this time we were shocked out of normalcy. Then, of course, we found a new normal, and settled in.

Swinging back, one year later, there is still a deep sadness. Watching and listening to the symbols of 9-11 I find my love for this country, which is unabated, which is even enhanced by the challenges we share. An event like 9-11 brings us to gather, and events that do that, no matter how much grief they create, are wonderful, rich, powerful, enlivening, and believe it or not, healing. It's easier to see that one year later. We've been through so much, together, we were able to weep for the dead, close the wound, reunite, and move forward.

9-11-02 was a sweet event even if the sweetness had a bitter taste. The dust swirling in the midst of ground zero. The geeky looking bagpipers. A visibly aged Giuliani. A stiff Bush. In San Francisco yesterday everything was normal and nothing was. In a way 9-11-01 was a gift. It gave us a shared memory, a real one, a heart-reaching one. Yesterday we did normal stuff. But we also paused to reflect and share, to think, to remember.


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