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Ted Shelton: "Coca-Cola, for example, has never disclosed their recipe for Coke -- Would Lessig compel them to disclose this recipe?" 

Lessig: "Trade secrets are forever." 

Dan Gillmor on Apple's iCal: "Give me a break. This is even more beta-ish than the OS update." 

Phil Wainewright: "The fierce debate over RSS 2.0 is of course a mere blip on the scale of human concerns when compared to the question of terrorism and the war against it. Yet both are a product of the same network forces that are throwing the human race together into the single melting pot of our modern, connected world." 

The new target date for RSS 2.0 is Tuesday of next week. Maybe Wednesday. But no later than that. If you have more to say, please review the spec, and say it, hopefully without threats or ad hominems. It's a good spec, no matter what the naysayers would have you believe. Have a great weekend.  

Davos Newbies: "It's ironic, given the US lead on the issue and the US tradition of comparative openness, that we may well see the most comprehensive case against Saddam issue from London and not Washington." 

THINK!Lance asks why there is no debate on war in Iraq in the US. Good question. I'll do my part. I'm in the US. I am against the US going to war with Iraq. Saddam has had chemical and biological weapons for a long time. Nothing new there. The US apparently doesn't believe he has nuclear weapons, but even if he does, or if he gets them, he's about as likely to use them as India and Pakistan were in their war earlier this year. In the end the same balance that applied betw the US and the Soviet Union and China in previous decades applies in Central Asia. Nuclear weapons are not tactical devices, they are strategic. They are only useful as potential weapons. They say Saddam is a madman. I don't think he's so crazy as to use nuclear weapons. My hope is that this war talk is just posturing to get the inspectors back in, which of course would be a good thing. 

Reuters: "Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov warned Baghdad on Friday to cooperate with the United Nations or face the consequences." 

Mark Pilgrim's inner dialog is rude and phlegmy today. 

A picture named sfFlagSmall.gifOn this day last year, the US flags started flying. Doc asked what we'll call the day. Pictures from space and the ground. The impact of 9-11 was starting to be felt in the economy. Wired found an eerie image on an audio CD. Personal stories from people who were there, and those who were not. Dan Gillmor was stranded in Africa. Of course it wouldn't be the Web if Dan's links worked.  

Tony Pierce: "Did the LA Times really do a story on bloggers and not even interview one LA Blogger?" 

Over on Blogroots Matt Pfeffer coins "journ-o-list." (As a tribute to "blog-o-sphere.") 

If I Were King of AOL 

James Vornov: "For me, AOL would have to provide a package of content to get me back. Video and audio are obvious hooks, but content from magazines, if exclusive, could pull me back."

NY Times: "This company is becoming more and more like Time Warner and less like AOL."

News.Com: "As with Napster, record and movie companies are seeking to prove that [Kazaa and Morpheus] knew of the widespread copyright infringement going on using their networks and that they had the ability to stop it."

Of course the big opportunity for AOL is the vast music collection of Time-Warner. Publish low-rez scans of the music. Let me download them to a local computer system via AOL-Broadband. Monthly fee to participate. All the music I want.

If I play the music using WinAmp, I get a one-click way to order the high-rez CD via snail mail. A way to make huge bucks on the libraries that aren't making any money.

Only Time-Warner music. Be a leader. Hey it works for Turner Classic Movies. They only have MGM. That's enough to be interesting. I speak as an enthusiastic user.

Of course if I were King of AOL, I'd also let the users create and publish weblogs, for an annual fee, of course.


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