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Daypop is back. Ye-hi. 

Gracie Allen: "Never put a period where God has placed a comma." 

Ed Cone: "The House Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property will hold a hearing on 'Piracy of Intellectual Property on Peer-to-Peer Networks' at 9AM., Thursday, September 26, (2141 Rayburn House Office Building). The Berman-Coble bill will be discussed. The hearings are open to the press." 

Libération: Les jouebs, stars éditoriales du Web

Ken Dow reports that the current version of OmniOutliner can read and write OPML. This means, for example, with a little Radio script (or an AppleScript) you could use Omni as an Instant Outliner

Jeremy Zawodny on life in Silicon Valley: "I came out here to work at a company that has since forgotten how to innovate and take risks. Yippie." 

Wired: "Stronger ties between ISPs and file-trading companies could bolster Kazaa's defenses." 

Thanks to Jenny for the pointer to this Yale Law article about The Wayback Machine removing articles about Scientology. "While Lawmeme doesn't know all the details of Scientology's request to the Internet Archive, especially the extent of websites removed, we do know that the Internet Archive is blocking all archived versions of one of Scientology's leading critics and the main target in the Google Affair," 

A picture named uncSamMedium.gifLast year on this day: "It's been not-correct for most of my life for Americans to say we love our country. That's a big bug. We're the world's greatest country and we know it. I love the USA. It gave me life, an education, role models and a philosophy. And if you think we're stupid or decadent, just try fucking with us." 

Fred Grott: How to Keep RDF and RSS Straight

Jon Hanna, on the RSS-DEV list, says that RSS, was "not designed to be of any particular use to bloggers, aggregators, or metadata providers." This is not true. Half of RSS 0.91 was scriptingNews format, which was totally designed to model a weblog in XML.  

Great email from the RIAA's Hillary Rosen to execs at Yahoo, Real, AOL and Microsoft, on how to crack down on the millions of Morpheus and Kazaa users. Is this for real? 

Ben Silverman, the publisher of Dotcom Scoop, says the Rosen email is real, and part of a confidential internal memo that outlines the RIAA's legal strategy re Kazaa, Music City and Grokster.  

Jeremy Bowers: "None of the trackback mechanisms has reached the critical mass necessary to see the negative effects experienced in all other community models." 

Ray Ozzie: "How long before we see auto pingback generator spambots?" 

John Robb: "Yesterday, AT&T upgraded my cable box to a digital system." 

Reuters: "Pets may not only provide good company for their owners, they may also help lower stress, according to new study findings." 

A productive thread 

"rssflowersalignright"A productive thread on RSS-DEV confronts the negativeness about RSS 2.0 head-on. This will go someplace interesting.

I left a big hint there in the way the blogChannel module is designed, patterned after the Syndication module designed by the RDF folk. In other words, the place where they're expressing discomfort with RSS 2.0 is where they can make it their own. Lead. Instead of feeling disempowered, be powerful.

At one point I saw clearly where the compromise between RSS 0.9x and 1.0 was. We could have gotten there in early 2001, so instead we get there in late 2002. So what, not a big deal. Think about how much better it will be when we're all advocating the same format. Visualize peace. That's basically what I did when I did the 2.0 spec. I know it's hard to swallow, but swallow anyway. If I did it, you can too.

Medical notes 

Mixed news from yesterday's heart checkup.

First, I went seven minutes on the treadmill. That was pretty good. My heart was racing like it hadn't since I was in college. They also did an extensive ultrasound on my carotid arteries, they're in the neck and supply my head with blood. More good news there. They're clear, free of plaque, healthy, not diseased. So it appears I just have coronary artery disease, not general artery disease. That's good because there would be a risk of stroke if they were sick, and not a whole lot they can do about it (as they can with the heart).

Now there was some not-good news. A small part of my heart isn't working very well. There are a few possible reasons for that, some fixable, some not. I asked the doctor, does this mean I'm going to die sooner, and he said no. Does it mean I have to restrict what I do, he said no. So what does it mean? Really not much, other than I should watch, as before, for recurring symptoms, the ones that brought me into the hospital in June. If they come back, we'll do an angiogram, and maybe an angioplasty, but the likelihood of another bypass because of this is small. That's quite a relief. I don't like the idea of part of my heart not working, but what can you do about it?


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