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Bootstrap: How to Redirect an RSS Feed. "You've just moved your weblog or news site, and the RSS feed has moved too. You want people who are subscribed to your RSS feed to automatically start reading the feed at its new location. This document explains how to do that." 

10PM Pacific. Two simultaneous hardware outages at our Santa Clara facility. Sites effected include,,, NY Times RSS feeds,,,.many of the static images and gems for UserLand-hosted Manila sites. ETA late tonight, or early tomorrow. We're sorry for the outage. We're getting the servers back online as soon as we can. 

Jeremy Bowers looks at using Freenet to distribute RSS. 

I had a few cycles to spare this afternoon, so I decided to write a script to ping a Movable Type trackback server for geeky Radio and Manila users. How to. 1. Download the script. 2. Open it in Radio or Frontier. 3. Scroll to the bottom, edit the test code, fill in the URL of one of your posts, and your blogname, etc. 4. Click on Run. 5. It should have pinged this message on my MT site. 6. When you want to ping another site, change the pingurl. 7. For extra credit, do a great Tool-based UI for this. Heh. 

Don Park: "What I am afraid of is the erosion in the sense of value for software. If OSAF succeeds, consumers will have access to a wide array of high quality software for free. Most likely, every PC will start to ship with them preloaded. Every time a new OSAF product ships, a market segment will dies. OSAF paints a picture of the future where consumers are expected to pay for contents and services, but software is free." People have been dismissing Don's arguments, but he makes a valid point.  

News.Com: "A federal judge ruled Friday that Southwest Airlines does not have to revamp its Web site to make it more accessible to the blind." 

Mary Jo Foley: "Goodbye, Web browser front end; hello, hefty smart client." 

NY Times: "In a highly coordinated move, armed local and federal officials engaged in the hunt for a roving suburban sniper converged on a white minivan parked at a pay telephone in a service station outside Richmond this morning.. But there was no suggestion by the police that any of today's arrests were connected to the sniper case, in which nine people have been killed in the Washington area since Oct. 2." 

Geoff Allen: "Much has been made of the Rally Monkey recently, but the Rally Monkey is just a distraction from the real secret weapon of the Angels: Troy Percival." 

WebReference has another sample Radio chapter from the O"Reilly blogging book. This one is about the technology, the object database, scripting language, networking, content management, XML, SOAP and XML-RPC support, and upstreaming. Thanks! 

Doonesbury & weblogs. "Don't you have something to say?" 

RSS Explorer gets three new lists of feeds. Adam Curry, The UserLand Top-100 and The New York Times. The popup menu can be upgraded independently of the software. Every time you launch Radio it's refreshed from the server. 

Over the weekend I implemented, on my machine only, support for HEAD requests in Radio's aggregator. I have not released this yet. In fact, I'm thinking seriously of not releasing it at all and instead going with ETag support. Simon Fell has an excellent and brief Busy Developer's Guide to ETags. They're sexy, better than the HEAD-based protocol, because they only require one call to the server. This gives servers who are getting pounded by aggregators a really clean way to respond. If your server doesn't support etags, upgrade to one that does. Postscript: I have it implemented here. 88 of the 107 feeds I subscribe to supprt ETags. Very good.  

Jenny is blogging a librarian conference.  

BBC: Looking forward to a spam-free future

Well, there's a bright side to yesterday's Giants loss. It means that there will certainly be a Game 5, barring earthquakes or other Acts of Murphy. I have a bleacher seat for Game 5 on Thursday, with Jake.  

Good morning mail fiends! I cannot keep up with all the mail lists I'm on. Lots of stuff going on in most of the communities I'm part of. Excellent. Please, if possible, help each other. I can't do all that's being asked of me. 


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