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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, October 23, 2002. Wednesday, October 23, 2002

My notepad for World Series Game 4. As with yesterday's game, the comments section is open for partisanship, rooting for the Giants, damning the Angels, tech support, etc etc. If you're blogging the game, send me a trackback ping, why not, let's have fun! Hey even if you're not blogging the game, ping me. What the heck. Still diggin! 

News.Com: "A proposal to let copyright owners hack into and disrupt peer-to-peer networks will be revised, a congressional aide said Wednesday." 

Brent took steps to regain control of his computer. Got a new mail client, browser, and nuked Flash. No more spam, popup windows and annoying ads. Sounds pretty good. 

Mitch Kapor: "We're trying to be faithful to the original spirit of the personal computer -- empowerment through decentralization." Bing! 

Question for MT experts. I want to send a Trackback message to Mitch's weblog referencing this post. I know how to do it with a script, but how do I do it through MT's user interface? 

Best wishes to the family of Stavros's friend Rick, who died today, from injuries sustained in the Bali terrorism, earlier in October. 

Where do you want to go today?The Giants lost last night, but we won. The outliner works very nicely with Movable Type. Today I'm doing the hard user interface stuff. But the proof of concept worked yesterday. Yehi. I sent an email to Lessig with a screen shot of the editing environment. He's both an outliner user and a Movable Type user. So is Howard Rheingold, I believe. As is Mitch Kapor. See where I'm going? If the gurus won't come to the outliner, then the outliner will come to the gurus. Stewart Brand is on my list too. I promised him an outliner about a year ago. I intend to keep the promise, even if I'm a little late.  

Scott Loftesness: "If you're trying to choose a place to locate your business, let me suggest you think about the jetBlue cities! As United fades, jetBlue succeeds." 

A picture named doones.gifOne year ago today Apple introduced the iPod. Yesterday I discovered a new feature in my iPod. It's so small I don't have to choose between a Walkman and the iPod. I can take both. Then when they do their annoying pledge drive on KQED-FM, I can switch over to Bach. I did that yesterday on my afternoon walk. What a nice feature. 

George Vecsey: "Let's go to the World Series. There's not a better place than right here in downtown San Francisco." 

The NY Times says The West Wing is running out of gas. WTF? It's the best TV ever. Actually after reading the review, I agree with it. They are getting preachy and a bit more knowitall than usual. Something the NY Times might do itself, occasionally.  

Vote for your favorite RSS Validation badge! 

John Robb: "Snow!" 

Mark and Sam 

I called both of the creators of the RSS Validator yesterday, Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby, to congratulate them on a very nicely done piece of software and to thank them for making a very positive contribution to the success of RSS.

It's worth taking a moment today to pause and reflect how far we've come in just a few weeks. We have a new version of RSS, version 2.0. People aren't debating that anymore. We have the best validator now for RSS, better than anything we've had before, I'd wager better than any validator for any XML format. We also have a relatively tightknit community, so I think this means that the quality of the feeds is going to improve a lot. It's still early. With Bill Kearney in the loop, that'll make a difference too. He's been the single most active person working for quality in the RSS base.

When I talked with Mark yesterday I said that the validator was the next step in RSS coming together. The next thing on my plate in the RSS community is scaling and non-HTTP methods of notification. This is going to prove important soon, I believe, because the stage is now set for big growth. We've taken some steps in the last few days to improve the scaling situation, but they were just steps. I'll be writing more about that shortly, Murphy-willing. In the meantime, mazel tov to Mark and Sam, and thanks!


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