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A picture named cowgirl.gifI had dinner and breakfast with John Robb on Saturday and Sunday. We talked about a lot of things, including the Reverse Cowgirl's weblog. It's something of a porn site, except I haven't found the dirty pics yet. And it's about to become a TV show, believe it or not. Right here on our servers. Damn that's cool. Maybe she'll include me in her blogroll. Postscript: I'm there. Thanks! 

Halley's Comment: What's a Weblog? 

0xDECAFBAD: "I get it, my boss gets it, his boss gets it, the sales guys get it, and the marketing guy who's always our first contact at a client gets it." 

Seth Dillingham works around a problem with the connection betweeen Frontier and Radio and BBEdit on Mac OS 10.2.2. 

Tom Matrullo wonders what Doubleclick sees when they peer out at us through their Flash-based ads. 

News.Com: "High-speed Internet service providers are considering adopting new pricing plans that if widely adopted could take a bite out of file swapping." 

Jason Kottke is looking for Thanksgiving in Paris. 

Halley narrates her father's death. 

Why did the RIAA target the US Naval Academy? According to the Register's Andrew Orlowski, "because they can." The RIAA demanded that the article be taken down immediately. Glad to see it's still there. 

Dad update 

Last night my father regained consciousness. He can't talk because he has a tracheotomy, but he was able to answer two questions by nodding his head. 1. Do you know this woman? (My mother, the answer was yes.) 2. Are you in pain? (No.) A few days ago I spent an hour with him, and I was sure he was there. His eyes were open, we made eye contact. Now I'm even more sure. They're weaning him off the sedatives and the respirator. I think I have to go back to NY now to get a demo of Dad getting better. There have been so many setbacks and rallies, I'm hesitant to say he's going to get his life back, but right now that's the way it seems.

Thanks to 

Getting started with my Thanksgiving thanks. Expect lots of updates to this section.

Thanks to all the bloggers who inspired me in 2002. Many of them are in the left-edge here, also know as the blogroll.

Thanks to Murphy and his Law for being a universal constant.

Thanks to Mitch Kapor, for rejoining the software world in an active role designing new apps. Mitch it's great to have you back. Totally looking forward to using a MK app sooon. Hurry up!

Thanks to Phil Ringnalda, Sam Ruby and Mark Pilgrim for their help with RSS 2.0.

Thanks to Ed Cone who discovered Tara Sue and thanks to Tara Sue for having the guts to go against a deeply entrenched Republican who plays for pay for the RIAA.

Thanks to the surgeons, doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and everyone else at Sequoia Hospital for cleaning up my coronary arteries and in so doing saving my life. A major major thanks for that. And thanks for being such sweet human beings while doing all that.

Thanks to my great-uncle Arno and his father whose name I don't know for passing on the genes that clogged my arteries. The cool thing is that now we have ways to treat this disease, so I have a pretty good chance of a normal lifespan, where they didn't.

Thanks to Phillip Morris for letting me off the hook. 165 days smoke-free. Ain't never going back.

Thanks to the US Department of Justice for letting Microsoft keep the browser monopoly they stole. I'm still looking for a reason why I'm so thankful for this. And let's hope that former US antitrust chief Joel Klein is more successful punishing misbehaving high school students in NYC.


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