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New Radio feature: Proxy Exceptions

Scoble: "You can't sell me on your religion. They all stink." 

Daniel Berlinger: "Why wasn't the Web built on FTP?" 

Today's song: "I'm walking in my winter underwear." 

Sam Ruby feeds back on files.xml. 

That reminds me of a joke they told about Lotus and Ashton-Tate at Comdex in 1980-something. Their booths were across the aisle from each other. The rivalry was intense. People would jump ship to work for the competitor at the trade show. One guy, a particularly famous quoteable guy, who really didn't know much about software, quit one to work for the other. The buzz around the show was that the average IQ of both companies went up. 

A picture named case.gifToo bad AOL didn't do something bold yesterday. Here's an example. Pretend Steve Case said this. "Hi my name is Steve Case. Remember me? I work for AOL-Time-Warner. We own a lot of record companies. I was talking with my friend and colleague Ted Turner, while we were trying to figure out what to do with our online system, and he told me the story of how he bought MGM to establish Turner Classic Movies, and what a hit that channel is with cable subscribers. I asked Ted if we couldn't do the same thing for music with AOL. After all the people really seemed to like Napster. Why not give them what they want? So today we're opening up the vaults of Time-Warner music, all kinds of great acts, for only $19.95 per month, for AOL subscribers only. A new version of the client software, version 8.1 will be available shortly with the new Music Manager app built-in, based on work done by the WinAmp folks. Guess what, it plays MP3s. We've done really clean scans of all the classics from Billy Joel to Boy George. Welcome back to innovation and staying in tune with customers at AOL. And welcome to the world of convergence, where synergy is more than just lip movement, where we put weight behind the big ideas of our time." I suppose that was too much to hope for, eh? 

Rafe Colburn: "Using a quick IMDB search, Jason Schultz discovered that 93% of the movies released from 1927-1946 are currently unavailable." 

With all the buzz about CityBlogs, you gotta wonder if people have heard of Craig's List, which was preceded by SanFranZiskGo. Back in 1994, Brian Zisk probably wasn't the first to realize that city-based websites would cut into the business of local newspapers. Brian went on to do other things, and Craig Newmark made it work.  

Wired: "The secret of Apple's success may have less to do with its innovative products than with the image that the company has created through skillful marketing campaigns." 

Russell Beattie reviews the Genecast RSS-to-NNTP gateway. Apparently it works. Good news. 

Abe Fettig routes RSS to POP3 and other places (in the future). 

Phil Ringnalda: "With a newsreader, you're just reading a bunch of weblogs with the sidebars stripped off, all on one page. With an aggregator, you can force all your friends and idols to get together and write a collaborative weblog, even if they don't know each other (or do, and can't stand each other)." 

Doc Searls: "I see my blog as a kind of fireplace." 

Last year on this day: "If Sun really had the answer, they should have blasted RMI toolkits into every development environment known to man." 

Three years ago today EditThisPage.Com got its start. 

Karlin Lillington contemplates reinstalling Windows XP. 

A picture named setzer.gifBen Hammersley likes Brent's new support of AppleScript in NetNewsWire. "So, why is this cool?" asks Ben. He answers "Well, it means that - as long as Brent allows for all the hooks into NNW I'd like - I can go off and write sub-apps to do more specialised interfaces and filtering to my RSS feeds. What's more, I can share them with others. Now, that's really cool." For what it's worth, of course, Radio's aggregator has had infinite extendibility with scripts for a long time, on Mac OS X, with AppleScript, etc etc.  


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