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Pyra has posted the preliminary docs for Blogger API 2.0.  

IT World: "RSS is a veritable hive of activity and innovation." 

Jon Udell: Scripting Groove Web Services

Matt Pope:"When I finally went to bed, a solution came to mind as soon as my head hit the pillow and I couldn't stop thinking about it (and thus I couldn't go to sleep). Integration of Radio with Groove, using Groove Web Services, would further decentralize Radio in a way that would allow real-time blogging from machines not running Radio. I want it." 

Phil Ringnalda: "It's so twisty that it makes my head spin." 

Ben Hammersley: "Brrr, yee hah, brrr, yee hah, brrrrr." 

Howard Hansen: "My Congressman needs a weblog, so does yours." 

According to an unusual post on the BloggerDev list last week, we should expect a developer preview of the new version of the Blogger API sometime today.  

Popdex is like Blogdex and Daypop, but they plan to weight the links, as Google uses PageRank to give value to links. 

Ad for a movie we can wait to see. 

Notes from Supernova 

I'm going to take my notes here today. The first speaker is Dan Gillmor. He's taking the place of Clay Shirky whose flight from NY was cancelled. Dan is talking about Journalism 3.01b2. That's funny.

He'd giving the presentation he gave at the Emerging Tech Conf earlier this year. I saw that presentation. It's still good. Dan focuses on Sept 11, reminding me that Sept 11 was also a technological watershed.

I'm sitting next to Mitch Ratcliffe today, and he's taking down everything Dan is saying. For the play by play go over to Mitch's site.

Dinner report 

Dinner last night was fantastic. About fifty people filled Jing Jing. Monday night is a good night to do this, there was plenty of room. Great conversations, cameras, wild food (Marc Canter did the ordering) and a fair $20 per mouth price. Lots of people came from the East Bay (Brad Neuburg got his ride from Scott Mace). Saw Chris Gulker, Nick Denton, Raines Cohen, got to hang out with the new skinny Doc, planned a blogger's conference with Doc and Scoble, met Dave Sifry, an interesting guy, and got reinvigorated on the My Weblog Outliner tool, which I will revive sometime very soon, sorry for the delay.

Hey the nicest moment of the evening, even though it was horribly embarassing, was the enthusiastic round of applause I got when I walked into the restaurant and saw the scene. The cool thing about weblogs is that today in 2002, it attracts the nicest, smartest, and most ambitious people. We kicked butt at the conference during the day, leading Kevin Werbach to say that bloggers rule the world, or something like that, to which I say It's about time y'all figured that out and stop sending PR people to explain technology to us, and be prepared to answer the tough questions, and also be prepared to build on our work. Nothing is more frustrating than a BigCo who sends a glad-hander to tell you how they're going to fail at reinventing everything you had working three years ago.

At the dinner a list circulated and instead of signing our names we all entered the URLs of our blogs. Very good. I hope that somehow makes it on to the Web today. After dinner a few of us went for coffee where we ran into Megnut, Cory Doctorow and Lisa Rein who is in town for the Elcomsoft vs Adobe trial. I asked who she's covering it for. "Myself," she said with a confident grin. I felt like I had asked a stupid question, which of course I had.

Long Islanders 

One of the cool things about Dave Sifry is that he's from Long Island. I'm from Queens, basically, through NJ and the Bronx, and of course Long Islanders don't think of people from Queens as being from Long Island, but technically, we qualify. Just look at a map. It's all one island, or if you're from there and speak the gutteral local lingo, one gisland.

Anyway, Dave and I hit if off right away, probably because we share this culture, we could almost be family. Watching Mitch Kapor speak yesterday I had the same feeling, but stronger. We could be cousins. Mitch is from Long Gisland too (I think, if he's not he should be). When I raised my hand to ask Mitch a question he called on me in a very kind way, asking me first how long he and I had been friends. It's been a long time, I think we met first at the 1979 West Coast Computer Faire, when Dan Fylstra had hired him to be the New Product Manager at Personal Software. That's a lot of continuity. I think it says something about Mitch's longevity, and perhaps my own, that 23 years later we're still kicking around, trying out new ideas, having people listen to what we have to say, etc etc.

I think it's super important that what Mitch knows get into the software system of the early 21st Century. I don't care if it's open source or commercial, his mind is very unique and talented, and I want his software.


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