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CBS Marketwatch: AOL said ready to boost blogging

Simon Fell did a pingback client tool for Radio. 

An update on my father's health, below

William Brody: "If we allow insurers to use genetic data, many more individuals will be left without coverage because they will be deemed too high-risk to warrant insurance at affordable prices." 

Read this op-ed by former Industry Standard editor James Ledbetter to be reminded how the business press excused themselves and still do now, for the abuse of trust of their readers during the dot-com boom. This guy is almost contrite, almost apologizes for his failure of ethics. We're offered every excuse, we're told he was angry with himself, and somehow that's enough, it's okay, he can go on being an editor at Time Europe, he can sell his book about the Industry Standard. This guy was certainly not a journalist when he was at the Standard, that's clear. Does he claim to be a journalist now? He wrote this piece now, and it ran in the NY Times. He says it would be wrong to blame business media alone, but that sidesteps the question. Would it be wrong to blame James Ledbetter. Imho, no it would not be wrong. 

BTW, it's disgusting that the Times let him use their space to try to clean his reputation. After all if it's okay with the Times, it must be okay? This calls for a disclaimer from the Times saying they don't sanction the antics Ledbetter describes, and it's not enough to later admit to them, something more is required. Journalism is not such a casual thing. A lawyer who admitted such an ethical vaccuum would be disbarred. To me journalism is just as high a calling. Perhaps not for the Times? Disappointed.  

NY Times: Professors Vie With Web for Class's Attention

Ross Mayfield: Blog Tribe Social Network Mapping

Karlin says there are far more than two Irish bloggers. 

Don Park: "Sash is also slow, bloated, and bewildering." 

Mitch Kapor update on the status of Chandler. 

Danny O'Brien: "I often wondered what adventure Felsenstein was up to these days." 

Wired's Vaporware list for 2002 is out. 

Hey the DMOZ directory keeps forgetting about RSS 2.0. Maybe they should get a new hard disk or something. (It's not quite as bad as it seems. Google's version of the directory isn't updating from the source. It's been months since the directory updated. Further, the DMOZ version says formats like 0.90, 0.91, 0.92 are deprecated. Who decided that? What an ugly word. Hey they're good formats, I'm happy when we get support for any one of the older formats. I think the directory should list them in reverse-chronological order, and leave it at that.) 

Dad update 

I try to keep the public reports not too frequent, no need for you all to be on the roller coaster. Last time I reported, Dad was on the steep slope down the mountain, and picking up speed. It didn't look good. But somehow he rallied, found strength no one could believe he had, and he's back in the pink, talking, off the respirator, out of the hospital, in rehab, feeding himself, at times feisty, and most of his conversation makes sense.

Now of course I'm exhausted and so is my mom, maybe there's a rehab for family members who have been on the roller coaster, but I suspect not. It's so great to see him get better, and the rehab place seems great. Within an hour of his arrival they had him doing exercises, very modest ones, we know that this is the key to keeping his gains. Work the muscles, breathe deeply, eat a lot of nutritious food, and get a lot of support from people who love you. He's lost a lot of weight, but his spirit is strong. That's why he's here in 2003. At one point the doctor said my daddy would be lucky to see the new year. Well he made it.

Right now I'm very optimistic. I'm going to stay in NY for a couple of extra days, it seems these days are very important, and nothing is going to happen in Calif until Monday anyway.


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