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Rogers Cadenhead says he's been puttering around with the MacBird source. Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have any questions. I might still be able to answer them. 

Paul Boutin notes that James Ledbetter's confession hosted by the once august NY Times "ends with a mention of his upcoming book." I'm still appalled. The NY Times plays too loose. It's ridiculous that they let Ledbetter take a bath using their good name. It says they don't understand journalistic integrity. If it were medicine or law or Trent Lott he was covering, or Enron or WorldCom, I suspect they'd get it. Computers matter, our economy runs on computers. When a mass deception has the press colluding, en masse, that calls for a house-cleaning, not a shrugged shoulder. As Dan Gillmor might say, we should all agree that what Ledbetter and his ilk did was and still is pathetic and disgusting, period, end of discussion, no excuses, and no books about it either, certainly not books written by the perpetrators of the fraud, presumably masquerading as journalists. 

Lessig: "If the Sonny Bono Act is unconstitutional, then Happy Birthday will be free!" 

Ed Cone: "John Edwards is a video-ready candidate, pretty to look at and smooth of tongue." 

Alan Reiter: "Well Dave, you can get a real qwerty keyboard on a cellular phone, but you'll need a new phone and new cellular provider and you'll have to put up with a larger device." 

Ernie the Attorney: "In two years almost everyone who uses email in any fashion (students, professionals, teenagers, maybe even grandparents) will have one of these devices. The question is whether you will have one that is separate from your phone." 

MacBird Open Source Release: "There are other UI runtimes, some are even open source. MacBird is different because it's built for the designer. You create and edit MacBird 'cards' using a draw program with grouping and alignment." Originally released three years ago today. 

A picture named mbsmall.gifI spent about an hour trawling through the source for MacBird and came across a document that explains something called the Interactive Object Architecture for MacBird. It never went anywhere, but it's good. MacBird is a frustration to me. It seems it should have gone somewhere. Oh well, onward. 

Brent Simmons who is now famous for NetNewsWire, an RSS reader for Mac OS X, wrote docs about MacBird back in 1996. They're still there on his site on Ranchero. 

Ian Beatty sends a pointer to AquaMinds NoteTaker 2003, an outliner for Mac OS X. 

Russell Beattie: "I am ruler of my blog roll." 

Megnut: "It's no wonder we're seeing an increase in unemployment, people seem to have no idea how to apply for a job these days." 

Susannah Breslin is looking for a weird weblog person (WWP) to speak at a conf in LA in Feb. 

A picture named sanyo.gifIn the last month or so I've become a serious cellphone user, and for the last 2.5 weeks, a serious cellphone user in NY, where you are not allowed to use a cellphone while driving unless you do it hands-free. Turns out it was a stroke of luck that my old phone crapped out, that forced me to get a new one and it has a speaker phone capability, so I've been able to use it while driving. That's cool. One thing led to another and then this realization. The form factor of a cellphone is no longer limited by the shape of a phone handset. Fewer and fewer people use them that way. More people plug in headsets into their phones. So why not make them just a teensy bit bigger and put a real qwerty keyboard on the darn thing and let me type into it like a human being.  

Gary Turner: "I feel sure that if 15 years ago I was able to play my pre-illness dad a video of his later life he would have thanked me and then driven his car into a wall at high speed the day before he contracted meningitis." 

Adam Curry is offering the first episode of his Dutch TV show via Gnutella. 

Robert Occhialini: "At the risk of embarassing myself quite badly, I thought I would go ahead and post my New Year's Resolutions here."  

Nick Denton: "I'm looking for a writer for a new blog media title, covering online porn and erotica." 

Evan Williams on AOL's weblogs: "We have firsthand knowledge that AOL has been looking at the space, with some interest, for a few months at least." 

Halley Suitt, a woman, offers tips on becoming an alpha male. 

A picture named ellathumb.gifNY Times: "Copyright protection lasts only 50 years in European Union countries, compared with 95 years in the United States, even if the recordings were originally made and released in America. So recordings made in the early- to mid-1950's -- by figures like Maria Callas, Elvis Presley and Ella Fitzgerald -- are entering the public domain in Europe, opening the way for any European recording company to release albums that had been owned exclusively by particular labels." 


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