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A picture named cadillac.gifPaul Boutin: "The crowning touch: an enormous, silver-skinned laptop, half computer and half Cadillac Escalade." 

Cadillac: "With a 345-horsepower engine, Escalade is the world's most powerful SUV and it has the muscle to back up its bold, distinctive style." 

JD Lasica: "I'd forgotten what a blast I'd had at past Macworlds." 

Reviews of Apple's new browser: Mena Trott, Mark Pilgrim

Matthew Langham and Daniel Berlinger blogged Steve Jobs. 

News.Com on Apple announcements. 

BBC: Teenager wins DVD court battle. "The court acquitted Jon Johansen on all charges and said he did not break the law when he created a system that could remove copy protection on DVDs." 

AP: "A Norwegian teenager was acquitted in a key test case Tuesday of violating computer break-in laws with his program that circumvents security codes on Hollywood's DVD movies." 

Brent Simmons: "An extension to the various weblog APIs that I'd love to see would be easy image uploading." 

Chris Morley: "A new C++ implementation of XML-RPC client and server for easy integration in C++ apps based on py-xmlrpc.". 

1/11/01: Payloads for RSS. "When I started talking with Adam Curry late last year, he wanted me to think about high quality video on the Internet, and I totally didn't want to hear about it. Like a lot of people, I had tried it, and found it unsatisfying and frankly, exhausting." 

Ziff-Davis has two more RSS 2.0 feeds. One for PC Mag reviews, and the other for tech news from eWeek. Hey it looks like someone got the religion. Excellent stuff. 

Russell Beattie: "I forget what a freak I am sometimes." 

A picture named humanGnome.gifLouis Cipher wonders if Weblogs.Com will survive the blogging frenzy during the Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld in San Francisco at 9AM today. It did last year. But the network is bigger this year. I guess the answer is we'll find out later today. Postscript: No problemmo. 

Charles Cook updated XML-RPC for .Net. 

Sumod and Dejan Jelovic have RSS aggregators for .Net. 

Mary Jo Foley on Microsoft's CES announcements. Even better news. Mary Jo's column is now available as an RSS 2.0 feed, so you never have to miss it. Thanks! 

First DaveNet of the Year? 

I still owe you all an essay to kick off the new year.

Basically, I was (and will) say that we've reached a plateau in our journey of technology. We've got all the basic ingredients for the Two-Way-Web in place. The back-end systems are maturing, with lots of choice. The XML-RPC interfaces are also maturing and (more important) standardizing. We went a lot further with the ManilaRPC interface, and the Edit This Page button in Manila, which is a great idea, still hasn't appeared in other mass market CMSes -- but I have no doubts the interfaces will deepen, and the convenience for users will increase, and the content systems will do more of the work.

Another innovation waiting in the wings -- directories. It's the next step after blogrolls.

The wizzy editing tools are coming from all corners, all platforms, mobile and desktop, you name it, someone is working on wiring it up to the content network defined by the MetaWeblog API.

Further, we have settled the outage in RSS, again with choice. People who like RDF are able to use that, at a cost in confusion, but that's factored in already. We got the features and extensibility we wanted in RSS 2.0. If there's any more work to do there it's just clarification or cleanup.

So the XML-RPC interfaces will deepen, the tools will keep coming, the back-ends will support the tools. Aggregators will be able to depend on more data in the RSS feeds.

The next challenge is spreading the gospel. There we have just begun.

Anyway, that seems like a good outline for a piece.

Hey maybe that's all I need to say.

Another section 

Before I forget, there's a major section that I've left out.

In the past I tried to rally, then I begged the investment community of Silicon Valley to drop a little change in the tipjar for new technology. They had gotten so far off their mission, they weren't investing in technology through the dot-com mess, they were investing in marketing, retailers, publishers, and then finally just hype. There was no substance. The result is a completely wrecked leading edge here in the land of the leading edge, Silicon Valley.

This year I'm done begging. It's over. I give up. The VCs can have this place. Good luck. I can't afford to wait for you. We have to find another way to finance the leading edge.


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