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DaveNet: First essay of the year

Daniel Berlinger: "We almost had convergence recently, but Pyra went another way. It's a real shame. I wish they hadn't. It's not too late."  

Interesting bit about me by James Hong. And one by Donna Wentworth. My comments are below

Seth Russell: "Google is great, but it's not very good if you want to know what's being said right now." Agreed. 

LiveJournal has an XML-RPC interface

Holy guacamole. JRobb says he's getting a Mac? Yikes. 

Bruce Perens: "We believe that there should be a fair, competitive market for computer software, both proprietary and Open Source." 

If I had a billion dollars I'd pay each of you $10,000 to read this page carefully, think about it, and then get started building a directory for each of three subjects you're passionate about and knowledgable of. All the technology is there. The format is open and brain-dead simple. And the philosophy is right too, imho. It's just waiting for people to decide to make it happen. Someday it will. I'd rather not wait any longer. Thanks for listening. 

A picture named bruce.gifHey it already seems like ages since I was in NY. I want to go back. I like being there, even when the weather in Calif is better. I can totally imagine how the NY radio stations are covering the Giants loss to the 49ers. They're so resigned to failure in football. But not in music. One thing I noticed is that they listen to lots of Bruce Springsteen in NY. I heard a bunch of old songs I hadn't heard in years. Makes sense, he's a local boy, kind of like Huey Lewis is to the Bay Area (Bruce is bigger, but then so is NY). One song I hadn't heard in ages is Rosalita. It goes like this. "My tires were slashed and I almost crashed but the Lord had mercy. My machine she's a dud, I'm stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. Hold on tight, stay up all night 'cause Rosie I'm comin' on strong. By the time we meet the morning light I will hold you in my arms." It's one of those songs that once you hear it it just reverberates in your head for days and days. It's so sweet and romantic, so young, like all music you adored when you were young, it's a time machine when you're older. Like me. Now.  

Paul Boutin posted an example file for Apple's Keynote. 

Dave Hyatt, a member of the Safari team at Apple (that's their new Web browser) has a weblog, and there he responds to the issues raised by Mark Pilgrim. This is fantastic. This is how the Web is supposed to work. Bravo.  

A picture named steve.gifPrediction: At some trade show in three months, at the end, Steve Jobs will say "Oh I almost forgot. I have one more thing." Everyone sucks in their breath. "We know you like our new Web browser, Safari, because there have been 285 million downloads. Did you know it's the most popular browser on the Internet? Well almost every one of the users has requested a tabbed interface, some many times. So we decided, what the heck, let's give them what they want." A virtual curtain opens on screen, says Tabs For Safari. The worldwide audience ejaculates spontaneously. 

Matthew Rothenberg: "Don't tell my wife, but I have a crush on Steve Jobs." OK. 

Halley: "It's sexy and frothy." 

Register: Start-up marries blogs and camera phones. The right way to do this, imho, is to connect the phone-to-weblog software through the MetaWeblog API, that way existing weblog users could participate, and new users would have choice of backend software. Any cellphone service provider that buys into this proposal will have to scrap it in a few months when the general solutions come out. Maybe less than a few months. Mobile blogging, or moblogging is very hot. So is choice for users. 

Spoke with Tara Sue yesterday. She's coming to Calif for the Wired awards in SF next Monday. She's nominated for one of the awards. She's an entrepreneur now, CEO of Policlicks, they're going to make some kind of announcement next week. She'll be here Friday through Wednesday. Maybe we should have a spicy noodles dinner for Tara Sue? 

Here's an RFC for an entry-point in the MetaWeblog API that uploads a new media object to the user's weblog. 

Last year on this day: "Like cholesterol, there's good sarcasm and bad sarcasm." 

Lauren Weinstein: Tiny Cell Phone or Big Brother?  

Paolo: "Introducing a new browser after 5 years is a pretty bold move from Apple." 


James says people hate me because I change my mind. Where I grew up it was considered a sign of weakness if you changed your mind. My father, the guy who's so sick now, used to give me a hard time when it even appeared that I had changed my mind. I never let him win that. To this day I insist that I have the right, even the responsibility, to change my mind if circumstances warrant it.

Suppose you get some new information. Or, on reflection, draw a different conclusion. How arrogant would it be to hold on to your old belief. What does it cost to change your mind? Why do people consider it a sign of weakness if you change your mind? I don't. Emphatically.

Now, to Donna's comments. I remember when Lessig and I had our first public exchange on the weblogs. That was nothing compared to what we said privately. Very strong opinions, both ways. But I never didn't admire Lessig as a human being. From the first time I saw him speak I knew he was someone I would get to know, and hoped we would become friends. There's nothing wrong with an opinion stated with strength and conviction. Even if it's wrong. No one has a patent on the truth. And power can be a source of safety, not just danger. Lessig has a powerful mind. I find that interesting. Where does that go? Who knows.

BTW, I like John Hiler too -- he writes for Corante as Donna does. A couple of times I said I didn't like some of the things he said. That doesn't mean I don't like the person. I'd like to buy John and Donna and AKMA a drink some day. Here's a toast to a strong opinion well-stated.

I wrote an email to Donna today. "If this is going to be an interesting medium, there are going to be differences of opinion. That's not Low Road. That's First Amendment, and that's (I think) what we all agree is sacred."


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