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I don't usually get scooped on stories about me.  

A picture named seal.gifIt's true, it's true. I've been offered a fellowship at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, and have, of course, accepted. It's a very exciting opportunity. Check out this section of yesterday's DaveNet for an idea of what we're going to work on. And of course over the coming weeks and months I'll write more. I'm going to spend a lot of time in Cambridge this year. Totally looking forward. Onward! 

1/1/03: "Believe it or not I'm applying for a job in academia." 

Jon Udell is getting record flow on his weblog. The librarians are figuring out what he's doing. Nice. 

Aaron Swartz: "ICANN is soliciting comments on two important whois issues." 

InfoSynch: "Sony's latest handheld is state-of-the-art; features include a 200 MHz processor, Palm OS 5, integrated Bluetooth, a WiFi expansion slot and a 2 megapixel digital camera." 

A picture named sheila.gifNY Times: "Microsoft has built a new national wireless data network, based on the data broadcasting ability of FM radio stations. The company says that compared with traditional paging systems, this network makes it cheaper both to broadcast data and build receivers." 

Rogers Cadenhead: "Wishing death upon a political antagonist is truly loathsome." 

Ernie the Attorney: "When I get home I watch the news broadcast that has been captured by my TiVo. It's nice to skip through the commercials. But I usually skip through the stories too." 

MacInTouch reader comments on Safari. 

Clay Shirky: "The business Fred Smith imagined being in -- build a network that's cheap to run but charge customers as it if were expensive -- is the business the telephone companies are in today." 

A picture named doctorow.gifCongrats to Cory Doctorow on the publication of his new science fiction book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. "Jules is a young man barely a century old. He's lived long enough to see the cure for death and the end of scarcity, to learn ten languages and compose three symphonies and to realize his boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World." 

Halley: "A nice young woman wrote me by email saying she doesn't want to keep reading about how to become an Alpha Male, rather would like to know how to get one." 

Cristian Vidmar: How about pie-based browsing? 

Safari Enhancer is an "application for enabling several hidden features of the Safari webbrowser beta." 

A picture named formalSmall.gifHeads-up: I'm going to do another RFC to extend the MetaWeblog API this morning showing how to use namespaces for the metadata in the struct. The hard part of writing the RFC is explaining why you would want to do this. Most people won't care. The question came up on the BloggerDev mail list last week. BTW, when I say people should support the MetaWeblog API, I also mean they should support the Blogger API. MetaWeblog just adds a few calls that were missing from the Blogger API. The naming is unfortunate because Pyra is radically changing the Blogger API, breaking everyone who implemented it. Presumably someday the pages describing the API will disappear. We should do a backup and a rename, those of us who plan to continue to support it, regardless of what Pyra does. I wish we could convince them to tread more lightly. Perhaps the best thing to do is to fill in the MetaWeblog API, with docs for the entry-points that are currently documented on the Blogger site. We'll get through this. It's a fairly broadly supported API, despite Pyra's disclaimer.  

Two years ago: "A boat that leaks lacks integrity. If the leaking gets bad enough it stops being a boat and becomes a sunken boat. If someone is living on the boat, it becomes a houseboat. If its nature changes, so does the name." 

Last year on this day, Mark Pilgrim won the Best Scripting Weblog award. Last year there were barely enough scripting weblogs to have a category. I think Mark would still win today. In the last year he has done some incredibly good work, and now there are dozens if not hundreds of scripting weblogs.  

Phillip Pearson: RSS timezone issue when importing

McCusker's weblog gets more interesting every week. 


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