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Halley: "A dog ran right in front of my car and I tried ot miss him, but I hit him with a big terrible thunk noise." 

There is something ridiculously pathetic about people who trash SF to help them feel justified in living in NY. 

McCusker: "Wes's comments remind me of my intention to start using a hand puppet sometimes when I go out to play in the evenings." 

Wired: Partying Like 1999.  

A couple of ridiculously easy innovations from Phillip Pearson. 

Jeffrey Zeldman, a leading proponent of Web standards, shares Mark Pilgrim's disbelief at the discontinuity in the W3C roadmap. "By design, the present XHTML 2.0 draft is not backward compatible with HTML 4 or XHTML 1." 

Sebastian Delmont (via email): "Francisco Toro used to work for the NY Times, but his coverage of the situation in Venezuela on his blog got him in a conflict of interests. So he quit!" 

I almost forgot. Seven months since my last cigarette.  

Jenny reminds me not to forget the librarians, and I totally agree; and I'm hoping that when the time comes, she and other librarians-with-weblogs will help me find the right librarian to talk with at Harvard. My goal is to do as little work as possible. Glenn Reynolds nailed it when he said I was basically a blogger-in-residence at Harvard. Exactly right, if it works as I hope it does. A pied piper. And by the way I hope to invite visiting bloggers, people who come to give a presentation about what blogging means to them, in each of the disciplines that are taught at Harvard. The beauty of a university is that it has so many interfaces to the rest of the world. Each of them can be a source and recipient of evangelism. 

BBC: "On 15 January Lufthansa will start offering travellers the ability to surf the net and send and receive e-mails in real time as they fly." 

On this day in 1998, XML-RPC, as an idea, was born

A picture named hiptop.gifTara Sue didn't win last night, but the party was great, and I met some new people and old heroes. The one outstanding award went for product design to the Danger Hiptop guys. I met one of them at the party. They read Scripting News. Excellent. I talked briefly with Will Wright, the SimCity guy. I was just thinking a few days ago it was time to get back in their loop. The new SimCity apparently is compatible with The Sims. Very good. I've already given them a few years of my life, a few more won't hurt. Steven Wolfram won the top award. 

Pet peeve about Silicon Valley. Nothing is open at 3AM. No Starbucks. Hey there aren't even any good restaurants open at 3AM. Denny's? Hmm. When I asked Jamis about this a few years ago he said zoning wouldn't permit it (I wanted him to keep Bucks open 24 hours a day so programmers would have somewhere to go to hang out with people). But Safeway supermarkets are open 24 hours a day. So it can't be totally illegal. 

A picture named bus.gifI'm planning the blogging website for Harvard in my head, and thought of a question I'd like to ask Harvard students and faculty. Would you like to participate in a project to create knowledge? I would have liked that question when I was a student. Of course! Yes yes yes. That's why I came to college. But there were so few ways for students to participate when I was a student. I wonder if it's like that at Harvard. I think about the Yahoo guys at Stanford and how inspired they were. What if a university like Harvard, not just a few students, got busy mapping the world of knowledge on the Internet. Each student would take responsibility for some period of time for some aspect of world knowledge. When they graduate they pass it on, or even better, take the responsibility with them, into life. Does any of this make sense? I'm beta testing ideas here as I go. 

Sebastien Paquet: Personal knowledge publishing


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