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Matt Croydon: "If a redesign happens and everyone is reading via RSS, did a redesign happen?" 

Jeneane Sessum: "How to quit smoking? It's time." 

A picture named nyTaxi.gifEd Cone: "Jim Capo reports seeing a personalized NC license plate reading Blog.Man here in Guilford County." 

Cory Doctorow: "iCommune, the iTunes sharing/streaming plugin that Apple nastygrammed out of existence a couple weeks ago is back, though it's not clear if the author is doing this in defiance of Apple or not." 

Adam Curry: "I see the combination of RSS enclosures being used to hand off a url to a BitTorrent file, that automatically joins that file's network, downloads all relevant bits into the right places and notifies the subscriber of the new goodies." 

News.Com: "AOL is testing a new instant-chat robot that answers questions from AIM users about weather and stocks." 

A question for CSS design gurus. What's the best you can do with a table that has three columns like the one on Weblogs.Com. Let's see an example. I'd like the page to look good and load fast. Postscript: No one seems to understand -- I want to do without a table. Column 1 is the number, column 2 is the name of the weblog. Column 3 is the time it last updated. Look at the page.  

People say "But it's a table, that's what tables are for." I understand and usually agree -- but in this case -- the table is so long that some other way of displaying it might be much more usable. It's something of a scaling issue, not a religious or philosophical one.  

A picture named doc.gifI started to spec the chat-room-for-blog-post system that Russ and others described yesterday, and realized I don't know enough about IM. Can an app other than an IM client create a chat room? I don't know. I imagine it depends on which IM system one is using.  

Business 2.0: "Get ready for moblogging." 

MacWhispers: "Apple is near a beta release of their long-rumored professional word processing application." 

It really annoyed me that the list behind Weblogs.Com was imperfectly sorted. I thought this was because pings were coming in while the table was being sorted, but when I fixed it so this couldn't happen, it didn't get any better. That was a few months ago. Today I took another look and understood the problem more clearly. The code that produces the list doesn't even try to sort the list. It just happens to be close-to-sorted because another thread needed it sorted and did the work. But an indeterminate amount of time can pass between the two threads being called. So I changed the code in Radio Community Server to cache the table, and to lock a semaphore during the sort. The net result is that there's a little more lag between a ping and appearance on the page, but it's now perfectly sorted (unless it's not). Praise Murphy! 

Be careful what you promise.  

Wired: "A voracious worm that spread over the weekend appears to be under control. Meanwhile, conspiracy fans are having a field day trying to guess who released it and why." 

NY Times: Crime Is Soaring in Cyberspace

SF Chronicle: "Hundreds of police with riot gear, squad cars and helicopters were no match for larger numbers of troublemakers in scattered locations along International Boulevard who set fires, smashed windows and destroyed property, including a McDonald's restaurant that was ransacked and partially burned." 

Gnome-Girl: "Survived the Oakland raids and stampedes last night. Fires everywhere, outraged fans go ballistic but I lived to tell about it." 

Three years ago today I arrived in Davos. I attended a session on the size of the universe. "It was in this session that jetlag caught up with me. I was trying to figure out what time it was back home, and fell asleep doing that simple task. I woke myself up by reminding myself how exciting this place is." 

I remember when 

Old people are cursed by memories. So much bullshit begins with "I remember when."

We can't help it, so forgive us. We do think there are common themes of life that we all go through.

Think about it this way. We don't all have the same experience in puberty, but then again, we do. At the end, you're ready to have sex and make babies. There's lots of stuff ahead of you like that. Really.

IM and weblogs 

Lots of great stuff in the thread on Instant Messaging and weblogs. Russ Lipton, as usual kicks big ass. Don Park too. Russ says each item on a weblog could form a chatroom for a few hours or days after it's posted. Keep a transcript. Allow the blogger the usual controls to keep spam, abusive posts and off-topic stuff off. Don says blogging is IM Slow.


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